BIOGRAPHY: Henry Gilbert (Harry) Carradine

Henry Gilbert Carradine (1916-1985), known as Harry, started his career at Waterlow & Sons. There, he received his training as an engraver by the stamp engraver George Fairweather. After his training, Carradine stayed with the company until 1957, when he moved to De La Rue. Carradine stayed at DLR until his retirement in 1981. During his time there, he trained Robin Taylor to become a picture engraver.

Carradine mainly engraved banknotes and his portrait of King Hussein, used on the 1975 series of Jordanian banknotes, is usually regarded as his masterpiece.

As far as is known, only one stamp has been attributed to Carradine: the 3.5p value from the 1974 Anniversariers set issued in Jersey. The stamp portrays Sir William Hillary, founder of the RLNI.

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