The Two Masters

I have felt for some time, in fact ever since the Czech Republic abandoned the idea of high quality engraved stamps, that my interest in stamp engravings and engravers has sort of run its course. The vast majority of new issues may have some hand-engraving at the core, but the actual stamps are really just computer generated, and only by collecting die proofs can one still hold a piece of craftmanship in one's hands. So I've decided to call it a day and end this blog on this special day.

And it is a special day, because today we celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of that great master Czeslaw Slania. So what better way to see this adventure off than with a stamp honouring a Master Engraver, engraved by that other Master Engraver, Martin Mörck!

I want to thank you all for the many years you've spent with me, all your kind comments, and the joy we all felt while walking together through this world of art.

Take care