DATABASE: Czeslaw Slania

Czeslaw Slania was born in Poland in 1921. He studied at the Academy of Art in Krakow and engraved his first stamp in 1951. He worked in Sweden since 1956.

When Sweden's stamp printing office acquired a new three-colour stamp printing press in 1964, they produced test stamps, engraved by Slania, to test the new machine. The labels depicted the interior of Uppsala Cathedral. In 1967, the design would be used for a 4k50 postage stamp. Blue test stamps would later, in 1974, be used in promotional booklets which were distributed during Stockholmia 1974. Multicoloured test stamps were used for similar booklets handed out during Hafnia 1976.

In 1972 Slania was appointed Court Engraver in Sweden.

The 1999 small format Machins definitives of Great Britain were printed by Enschedé and De la Rue. The work of the two printers may be distinguished by minor varieties in the engraving of the values. This, however, is not attributable to Slania's work. He engraved a single die which had a square blank space, where the printers' own engravers could insert the values needed for the stamps.


Poland, Paris commune
Poland, Mining
Poland, People's republic

Poland, General Swierczewski
Poland, Air
Poland, Nikolai Gogol
Poland, Proletariat party
Poland, Avicenna
Poland, Victor Hugo
Poland, Sienkiewicz
Poland, Car workers fund

Poland, Renaissance

Poland, Air
Poland, Second republic
Poland, Return of Pomerania
Poland, Kosciuszko's insurrection
Poland, Protected animals

Poland, Chopin piano competition
Poland, Warsaw monuments

Poland, Warsaw monuments
Poland, Olympics

Sweden, Anders Zorn
Sweden, Refugee year
Sweden, Shooting organisation
Sweden, Fröding
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Branting

Sweden, Definitives
Sweden, Alströmer
Sweden, Library regulation

Denmark, Dansk Fredning (two issues)
Denmark, Under-developed countries
Denmark, Selandia
Sweden, Local mail delivery service
Sweden, Monuments

Denmark, Freedom from hunger
Denmark, Railway opening
Denmark, Paris postal conference
Denmark, Cripples fund
Denmark, Atomic theory
Denmark, Value on 15ø Wavy Line definitive (1)
Greenland, Definitives
Greenland, S. Kleinschmidt
Sweden, Ice hockey championships
Sweden, Freedom from hunger
Sweden, Monuments

Denmark, Border union fund
Denmark, Primary schools
Denmark, Red cross
Denmark, Sea exploration conference
Denmark, Stamp day
Denmark, Danks Fredning
Sweden, Uppsala archbishopric

Denmark, Commercial school
Denmark, ITU
Denmark, Carl Nielsen
Denmark, Child welfare
Denmark, Dansk Fredning
Denmark, Value on 25ø Wavy Line definitive (1)
Sweden, Arms definitives
Sweden, Post horns
Sweden, ITU
Sweden, Prince Eugen

Denmark, Red cross
Denmark, Heath society
Denmark, Christen Kold
Denmark, Dansk Fredning (two issues)
Denmark, Georg Jensen
Greenland, Legends
Sweden, Speed skating championships
Sweden, National museum building
Sweden, Drottningholm theatre
Sweden, Carl Almqvist

Denmark, Academy of music
Denmark, Copenhagen
Denmark, Royal wedding
Denmark, Hans Sonne
Denmark, Salvation army
Denmark, Value on 30ø Wavy Line definitive (1)
Greenland, Legends
Greenland, Royal wedding
Sweden, Handball championships
Sweden, Table tennis championships
Sweden, Definitives
Sweden, Helmet decorations

Denmark, Esbjorg harbour act
Denmark, Koldinghus castle
Denmark, Child welfare
Denmark, Industries
Greenland, Child welfare
Sweden, Definitive
Sweden, Wild flowers
Sweden, Orienteering championships
Sweden, Fauna sketches

Denmark, Agricultural society
Denmark, Northern countries' union
Denmark, Frederick's birthday
Denmark, Europa
Denmark, Danes living abroad
Denmark, Flag falling from heaven
Denmark, Martin Andersen
Denmark, On solid bodies
Denmark, Non-figurative stamp
Denmark, Valdemar Poulsen
Denmark, Red cross
Finland, Northern countries' union
Greenland, Legends
Greenland, King's birthday
Greenland, Mammals
Iceland, Northern countries' union
Sweden, ILO
Sweden, Warship Wasa
Sweden, Bo Bergman
Sweden, Fairy tales

Denmark, Postal giro service
Denmark, Roas safety
Denmark, Save the children
Denmark, Liberation
Denmark, Deer park
Denmark, Naval museum
Denmark, Schleswig's reunion
Denmark, Electromagnetism
Denmark, UN
Denmark, Bertel Thorvaldsen
Greenland, Mammals
Greenland, Liberation
Sweden, Nature conservation year
Sweden, Arctic circle
Sweden, Trade and industry
Sweden, UN

Denmark, Women's association
Denmark, Aid for refugees
Denmark, Children's welfare
Denmark, Hans Egede
Denmark, Sports
Denmark, Georg Brandes
Denmark, Value on 40ø Wavy Line definitive (1)
Greenland, Egede's arrival
Greenland, Mail transport
Sweden, Definitives
Sweden, Mail coach
Sweden, Stonemasons art
Sweden, Refugees campaign
Sweden, Christmas
Sweden, Nils on goose

Denmark, Sugar production
Denmark,  Met office
Denmark, King Frederik IX
Denmark, N. Grundtvig
Denmark, State railways
Denmark, Nature protection
Denmark, Home for the disabled
Denmark, Theatre and Holberg
Denmark, WHO
Denmark, Construction projects
Denmark, Architecture
Denmark, Value on 70ø Wavy Line definitive (1)
Greenland, King and Queen fund
Monaco, Princes and Princesses
Sweden, Sportswomen
Sweden, Environment conservation
Sweden, 19th century Art
Sweden, King Gustav VI Adolf
Sweden, King's birthday

Denmark, Johannes Jensen
Denmark, Factory act
Denmark, Veterinary college
Denmark, Horticultural society
Denmark, De Nove Stella
Denmark, Victims of Heimaey eruption
Denmark, Frescoes
Greenland, Mammals
Greenland, Definitives
Greenland, Heimaey eruption
Sweden, Royal theatre
Sweden, Dalecarlia
Sweden, Trade unions
Sweden, Explorers
Sweden, Nordic museum
Sweden, King's memorial issue
Sweden, Ernst Josephson

Denmark, Blood donors
Denmark, Definitives
Denmark, Provincial series
Denmark, Orienteering championships
Denmark, Botanical gardens
Denmark, Post office
Denmark, Value on 20ø and 50ø Wavy Line definitives (1)
Greenland, Trade department
Ireland, Rugby Football Union
Monaco, Rainier's accession
Monaco, Rainier III definitives
San Marino, Ancient weapons
Sweden, Ystad
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, King's definitives
Sweden, UPU
Sweden, Publicists club
Sweden, Broadcasting corporation

Denmark, Hafnia 76 (two issues)
Denmark, Broadcasting
Denmark, Women's year
Denmark, Porcelain
Denmark, Hans Christian Andersen
Denmark, Provincial series
Denmark, Endangered animals
Faröe Islands, Definitives
Greenland, Mammals
Greenland, Telecommunications service
Greenland, Sledge patrol
Monaco, Architectural heritage year
Monaco, Princes and Princesses
Sweden, Postal giro
Sweden, Women's year
Sweden, Archaelogical discoveries
Sweden, Definitives
Sweden, Architectural heritage year
Sweden, Christmas

Denmark, Red cross
Denmark, Provincial series
Denmark, Hafnia 76
Denmark, Glass industry
Faröe Islands, Inauguration of post office
Greenland, Mammals
Greenland, Sports publicity
Monaco, Paintings
Sweden, Definitives
Sweden, Tourism
Sweden, Royal wedding
Sweden, Industrial safety

Denmark, Road safety
Denmark, Mentally handicapped society
Denmark, Europa
Denmark, Provincial series
Greenland, Eskimo mask
Greenland, Jörgen Brönlund
Monaco, Carriere d'un navigateur
Monaco, Paintings
Sweden, Definitive
Sweden, Oskar Andersson
Sweden, Keep fit
Sweden, Tourism

Denmark, Handball championship
Denmark, europa
Denmark, Provincial series
Denmark, Fishing industry
Faröe Islands, National library
Greenland, Scientific researches
Greenland, Definitives
Greenland, Godthab
Greenland, Folk art
Monaco, Paintings
Monaco, Henri Dunant
Sweden, Definitive
Sweden, Travels of Linné
Sweden, Stockholm university
Sweden, Paintings
Sweden, Coronation carriage
Sweden, Edible mushrooms

Denmark, Telephone system
Denmark,  Europa
Denmark, Viking decoration
Denmark, Provincial series
Faröe Islands, Sheep rearing
Faröe Islands, Europa
Faröe Islands, Year of the child
Greenland, Folk art
Monaco, Prince Albert
Monaco, Paintings
Sweden, Tourism
Sweden, Rococo
Sweden, Sea research

Denmark, Postal service
Denmark, Foundation for the disabled
Denmark, Decade for women
Denmark, Provincial series
Denmark, Coins
Faröe Islands, Europa
Faröe Islands, Pews
Greenland, Folk art
Greenland, Definitives
Monaco, Europa, 1f80 value
Monaco, Paintings
Sweden, Renewable energy
Sweden, Order of succession
Sweden, Tourism
Sweden, Necken

Denmark, Children's welfare
Denmark, Europa
Denmark, Provincial series
Denmark, Aviation
Faröe Islands, Torshavn
Faröe Islands, Europa
Greenland, Land expeditions
Monaco, Rainier III & Albert definitives
Monaco, Paintings
Sweden, Gyrfalcon
Sweden, Royal definitives
Sweden, Film history
Sweden, Christmas

Denmark, Figure skating championship
Denmark, Europa
Denmark, MS society
Denmark, Dairy farming
Denmark, Printing
Denmark, Robert Storm Petersen
France, Stamp day
France, Art
Great Britain, Maritime heritage
Monaco, Archbishopric of Monaco
Monaco, St Francis of Assisi
Monaco, Belle epoque
Monaco, Birth anniversaries
Sweden, John Bauer
Sweden, Definitives
Sweden, Living together

Denmark, Communications year
Denmark, Red cross
Denmark, Amusements park
Denmark, Recess-printed stamps
Denmark, Postal co-operation
Denmark, Europa
Denmark, Life-saving services
Denmark, Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig
Faröe Islands, Chess pieces
Faröe Islands, Europa
Greenland, Salmon
Iceland, Kristjan Eldjdrn
Monaco, Princess Grace
Monaco, Belle epoque
Monaco, Alfred Nobel
Sweden, Sweden-USA
Sweden, Music
United States, USA Sweden treaty

Denmark, Billiards championships
Denmark, Hydrographic department
Denmark, Scout movement
Denmark, Normandy invasion
Denmark, Heart foundation
Denmark, Ludvig Holberg
Faröe Islands, Pews
Faröe Islands, Europa
Faröe Islands, Writers
Faröe Islands, Fishing industry
Great Britain, First mail coach run
Iceland, Nordic 84
Monaco, Bygone Monaco
Monaco, Belle epoque
Sweden, Stockholmia 86
Sweden, Fredrika Bremer association
Sweden, Christmas

Denmark, Reformed church
Denmark, Hafnia 87
Denmark, St Canute and Lund
Denmark, Kronborg castle
Faröe Islands, Stanley's expedition
Faröe Islands, Paintings
Monaco, Centenary of stamps (two issues)
Monaco, Europa
Monaco, Belle epoque
Sweden, Royal definitives
Sweden, Stockholmia 86
Sweden, St Canute
Sweden, Youth year
United States, Korean war veterans
United States, World war I veterans

Denmark, Hafnia 87 (two issues)
Denmark, Sorö academy
Faröe Islands, Bridges
Iceland, Reykjavik
Iceland, Stamp day
Monaco, Anniversaries and events
Monaco, Belle epoque
Sweden, Olof Palme
Sweden, King's birthday
Sweden, Stockholmia 86
United Nations (Geneva), Philately
United Nations (New York), Philately
United Nations (Vienna), Philately

Denmark, Europa
Denmark, Hafnia 87
Faröe Islands, Farm buildings
Faröe Islands, Europa
Faröe Islands, Hestur island
Great Britain, Victoria's accession
Iceland, Rasmus Kristian Rask
Iceland, Stamp day
Monaco, Stamp issuing office (two issues)
Monaco, Louis Jouvet
Monaco, Belle epoque
Sweden, Gripsholm castle
Sweden, Stamp day

Denmark, Mills
Faröe Islands, Writers
Faröe Islands, Kirkjuböur cathedral
Iceland, Stamp day
Monaco, Fridtjof Nansen
Monaco, Belle epoque
Sweden, New Sweden
Sweden, Artists in Paris
Sweden, Dan Andersson

Faröe Islands, Torshavn church
Faröe Islands, Postal co-operation
Faröe Islands, Suduroy cliffs
Iceland, Stamp day
Monaco, Definitives
Monaco, Reign of Rainier
Monaco, Princess Grace foundation
Monaco, Belle epoque
Sweden, Europa

Denmark, Definitives
Greenland, Definitives
Iceland, Stamp day
Monaco, Philatelic round table
Sweden, National parks
Sweden, Vikings
Sweden, Pulp and paper industry
Sweden, Poets
Sweden, Moa Martinson
United States, Great Americans, 29c Warren

Iceland, Nordia 91
Monaco, Bygone Monaco
Monaco, Auguste Renoir
Monaco, Prince Albert stamps
Sweden, Maps
Sweden, Royal definitives
Sweden, Amusement parks
Sweden, 70th birthday
Sweden, Nobel prize winners
United Nations (New York), UN Building

Estonia, Baltic birds
Latvia, Baltic birds
Lithuania, Baltic birds
Monaco, Bygone Monaco
Monaco, Lammergeier
Sweden, Outdoor life association
Sweden, Stamp year
Sweden, Museum of fine arts
Sweden, Baltic birds
Sweden, Christmas
Sweden, Derek Walcott

Monaco, Birds of prey
Monaco, Princess Grace
Monaco, Cacti
Monaco, Admission to UNO
Poland, Polska 93
Sweden, Uppsala convocation
Sweden, Butterflies
Sweden, King's accession
United States, Princess Grace
United States, Dean Acheson
United States, Christmas

Aland Islands, Stone Age
Australia, Aviation pioneers
Denmark, Europa
France,  Franco-Swedish relations
Monaco, Cacti
Monaco, Mechanical toys
Monaco, Stamp and coin museum
New Zealand, Mt Cook and symbols
Sweden, Franco-Swedish culutral relations
Sweden, Moon landing
Sweden, Endangered birds
Sweden, Nobel prize winners
United States, Surrender at Saratoga

Faröe Islands, Rural life
Germany, Nobel Prize trust fund
Great Britain, Pioneers of communications
Monaco, Television festival
Monaco, Prince Pierre
Sweden, Royal definitives
Sweden, Motion pictures
Sweden, Nobel prize fund

Monaco, Stamp and coin museum
Monaco, Europa
Monaco, Annales Monégasques
Sweden, King's birthday
Sweden, Christmas

China, Pheasants
Faröe Islands, Kalmar union
Poland,  St Adalbert
Singapore, Transportation definitives
Sweden, Kalmar union
Sweden, Traditional buildings
Sweden, Pheasants
Sweden, Museum of antiquities
Sweden, Nobel prize
Switzerland, Nobel Prize

Monaco, Prince Albert I
Monaco, Rainier definitives
Poland, Union of stamp collectors
Poland, Battle of Stangebro
Sweden, Wildlife photographs
Sweden, Modern art
Sweden, Postal co-operation
Sweden, King's accession
Sweden, 20th century
Sweden, Nobel literature prize
Sweden, Battle of Stangebro

Belgium, Nobel Peace Prize Winners
France, Paris Mint
Great Britain, Machin definitive large format
Great Britain, Machin definitives small format
Monaco, Rainier's accession
Poland, Walbrzych 99
Poland, Frederic Chopin
Singapore-Sweden joint issue, Butterflies
Singapore, Yusof bin Ishak
Sweden, Rabbits
Sweden, Butterflies
Sweden, Belgian nobel prize winners
Sweden, Dance bands

Poland, Crakow
Poland, Pope John Paul II
Sweden, Slania's 1000th stamp engraving
Sweden, Royal definitives
Sweden, Nobel prize winners
Sweden, Children's toys
Vatican City, John Paul II's birthday

Australia, Daniel Solander
Faröe Islands, Pew gables
Faröe Islands, Postal administration
Greenland, Nielsen essays
Marshall Islands, Sailing canoes
Monaco, Oceanography prize
Sweden, Nobel prize centenary
Sweden, Aviation
United States, Nobel prizes

Great Britain, Pillar boxes
Poland, Maria Konopnicka
Poland. Pope's visit
Poland, PZF congress
Sweden, World heritage sites
Sweden, Bohuslan province
Sweden, Royal palaces
Sweden, Motorcycle sports
Thailand, Royal palaces

Faröe Islands, Slania's 100th stamp
Gibraltar, UK Express
Hong Kong, Water birds
Spain, Nobel Prize winners (joint with Sweden)
Sweden, Nobel Prize winners (joint with Spain)
Sweden, Water birds
Vatican City, Death of St George

Monaco, Princess Grace
Monaco, Prince's palace
Singapore, Skyline
Sweden,   Rock 54

United Nations Geneva, UN anniversary
United Nations New York, UN anniversary
United Nations Vienna, UN anniversary 

Ireland, Slania commemoration
Sweden, Art of engraving


United States, Nixon election campaign labels

Sweden, Uppsala Cathedral test stamps

Great Britain, Polphilex 66 souvenir sheets

Great Britain, Souvenir sheets for '100 Years of Poland's History' exhibition

Denmark, Test stamp portraying Ricardo Sundgaard

Denmark, Test stamp depicting Grundtvig Cathedral
Great Britain, Polphilex 69 souvenir sheet

People's Republic of China, Engraving of unadopted Mao Zedong stamp

San Marino, Unissued Rubens stamp

Label portraying Elvis Presley

Denmark, Test stamp depicting Horseman statue

Great Britain, Sheetlets for 'The man and his work' exhibition

Poland, ISO certificate for Dwory SA stamp

Engraving of Napoleon on Horseback for Swedish Post booklet


Portrait of his mother

Dressage engraving for World equestrian games

Engraving of the death of King Gustav II Adolf in 1632

Canada, Portrait on $5 banknote P101

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
Les Palais Princier à la fin du XVIII siècle
Three mounted horsemen
Old Post Office in Copenhagen
Ex libris Corfitz Beck-Friis
West Coast
Central Post Office in Stockholm

1) Takken, Randers Filatelistklub