BIOGRAPHY: Ernest Henry Normand Broad

Ernest Henry Normand Broad was born in London, England, on 4 October 1880. His philatelic career started in England too, when he came to work for De La Rue in 1904. The only known stamp engravings by Broad during his time at DLR date from 1926, when engraved several values of the Portuguese 'First Independence' issue. However, he worked on this set together with George Harrison, and as no names are given on the actal stamps, it is not known who engraved which designs. 

Broad moved to Australia in 1931, where he also got employment as an engraver. He worked on both banknotes and a variety of stamps. Most of these were for the smaller issuing entities, but Broad's portfolio also includes the odd New Zealand issue, as well as some Australian stamps. It would seem, however, that Broad would usually 'merely' assist Frank Manley with his stamp engravings. His final known work is the 1939 Papua airmail stamp. Broad would pass away a few years later, on 18 October 1942.

You will find Ernest Henry Normand Broad's database HERE.