BIOGRAPHY: Karoly Bojtos

Karoly Bojtos was born on 24 July 1936 in Budapest, Hungary. He attended the School of Fine Arts in Budapest, where he could profit from the well-known Derkovits Scholarship. While he never had any solo exhibitions during his years of study, he did manage to make a bit of a name for himself through various group exhibitions.

In 1974, Bojtos joined the Hungarian Bank Note Printing Office as an engraver. For them, he engraved a number of banknotes and other items such as the illustration of the parliament building in the Hungarian passports.

As far as is known, Bojtos worked on two stamp issues, which were also produced by the Hungarian Bank Note Printing Office. In 1988, he engraved two stamps of the Metal Works issue, and in 1989, Bojtos engraved the portrait of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov on the 10 fo value from the Pioneers of Medicine issue.

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