A stamp is made

Official ABNC proof of the 3c value from the 1945 Surinam definitive set, depicting the Surinam River near Bergendal.

Engraved by William Jung

I have two theories regarding this item and would love to hear your opinion. This could be either a regular progressive proof, of the as yet unfinished engraving, or, it could be a proof of the finished engraved parts of the design, with the remainder of the design to be etched in at a later stage. 

Proof of finished die, in chosen colour

The issued stamp


  1. It's just the sky that's been added, isn't it? the horizontal hatching I assume is recess engraved but if you have the stamp in hand you can confirm or deny that. I admit to not knowing much about etching but I assume a dilute acid or similar is applied to the die to produce the pale cloud...so both your suggestions are right, I guess. But that sounds too easy so I must be missing something Brian

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Brian! It's not just the sky; the bottom part of the design, featuring the river (bank?), is also partly missing from the first proof. I'm not very good either at distinguishing etching frome engraving, but I'm sure (well, I hope so anyway) someone out there will know and tell us!

  2. I can't really make that out apart from the contrast being different in the images. Glenn Morgan is good on printing, shall I ask him to look at it? I can give him this address if he is not on your mailing list.


    1. I think he does come in and have a look every now and then, but no harm in 'guiding' him a bit.


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