Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Here's my problem: I have a proof of an unaccepted engraving for an Argentinian stamp of 1892 portraying San Martin. So far so good. But the definitive set in question raises questions, because the actual stamps are engraved by Wilhelm Gottfried Nuesch, but the original essays are mostly by Ferdinand Schirnböck. No literature that I've seen lets me decide authoritatively who engraved this particular item I own. But there is hope!

The items has been scribbled on and I presume there may well lie the answer to this riddle, or at least a further clue. The problem is not so much that the writing is in German, but the problem is that I cannot for the life of me decipher what it is supposed to say. And that is where you, my wonderful German-reading followers, come in: if any of you could try and decipher what it says, that would be most wonderful! I don't need a translation as such, just the German wording would be ideal.

So here are scans of both the front, where it starts, and the back where the sentence is continued.



I've managed to do a bit, and it reads:

Probe Druck
angefertigt von ihm in Buenos Ayres...

But after that I am completely lost. Can anyone help out? I hope so!



No sooner had I posted this blog entry or the solution was emailed to me. The text reads:

angefertigt von den
in Buenos Ayres
als Kupferstecher im
stehenden öster-
reichischen Kupfer-


and so it does state that it was Schirnböck who engraved this item, making it a very early essay for the new 1892 definitives.

Thank you, Florián!