BOOK: A stamp is made

A Stamp is Made is an A4-sized, 16-page, full colour brochure issued by the Swedish Post in 1985.

It charts in little text and lots of images the activities of the Swedish Post. A bit of history, such as first stamps, first coils, first booklets, etc, is followed by how stamps are designed, engraved and printed.

It's the engraving bit that interests us most I suppose, though the very detailed explanation of how their printing presses work is actually more worthwhile reading.

As is obvious with such a brochure, subjects are only touched upon and this one is interesting mainly for the images of Slania's work on a Swedish definitive.

On the back pages are photographs of the six contemporary engravers: Franzén, Sjööblom, Jakus, Slania, Mörck and Wallhorn.

A Stamp is Made
PFA, The Swedish Post Office, Stockholm, Sweden
16 pages


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