BIOGRAPHY: Claude Haley

Claude Haley was born in Valognes, France, on 30 November 1923. He is the odd one out among the many French engravers in that there is not that much known about him. He only appeared on the radar in 1960, when he entered an official stamp designing competition.

Although he had not had any experience in this field, his design for a French stamp marking the 20th anniversary of De Gaulle’s appeal was accepted and duly issued in June 1960. Two years later, Haley’s first engraved stamps were issued: a set of three depicting various fruits, issued in Cambodia. It would take another three years for Haley to get the opportunity to engrave his first French stamps: the 1965 Europa issue. It proved the start of a long career during which Haley engraved a respectable number of stamps for france, but many more for various French (ex) territories.

Haley would win the Grand prix de l’art philatélique twice. In 1979, he won it for his beautiful stamp depicting Auray, part of the annual Tourism set. Eight years later he would win the prize for his Bayeaux Tapestry stamp, marking the 900th death anniversary of William the Conqueror.

Claude Haley passed away in Côtes d’Armor, France, in 1988. He had not yet retired by then and some of his work was issued posthumously.

You will find Claude Haley's database HERE.