BOOKS: El arte de grabar el sello

One of the more famous books in our field of stamp engraving is that by José L. Sánchez Toda: El arte de grabar el sello, or: the art of engraving stamps.

In some 200 pages, Sanchez explains (in Spanish) how stamps are created and printed; not just those that are engraved, but all of them. It is therefore a more technical book than you might expect, although it does also elaborate on for example different styles of engraving (such as ABNC vs Europe).

The book includes (make sure they are when you get a copy!) a number of actual prints and stamps. they are stuck in on pages across the book. One of the better ones is that of a non-postal label inscribed 'Feliz año 1964/Madrid', depicting a rose. The pages illustrate an enlargement of part of the engraving, to show how intricate this work is.

The book is richly illustrated, mainly in black and white, and as such it is a fascinating insight into stamp production of days past.

El arte de grabar el sello - José Luis Sánchez Toda
Printed by Gráficas Barcelona, barcelona, 1969