BIOGRAPHY: Hubert Levigne

Hubert Levigne received his training as an engraver from the stamp engraver professor J J Aarts. His first stamp engravings date from 1939, comprising two values marking the 1200th death anniversary of St Willibrord.

His first design for that issue depicted the saint seated with a staff in his hand and a model of Utrecht Cathedral on his lap. Levigne did make an engraving of this design but it was not accepted. Instead, a design of just the face of the saint with the cathedral tower in the background was accepted and used for the 12½c value.

In 1952, Levigne was given the opportunity to engrave the 1952 Dutch State Mines stamp. He was given that job because he himself came from that area of the Netherlands, and was thought to be therefore well acquainted with the atmosphere of the region. 

You will find Hubert Levigne’s database HERE.