BIOGRAPHY: Harry L. Peckmore

Harry L. Peckmore was probably born in 1890 or 1891. He became an apprentice engraver at the tender age of 12 and soon started working for various bank note companies in New York. In 1931, he founded his own company, specialising in design, etchings and engravings. His work varied from stamps to business cards, and included various items of philatelic interest. For example, Peckmore engraved both business and Christmas cards for the stamp dealer Homan in New York.

Peckmore often worked for Harry Lindquist’s ‘Associated Etchers’. For him, he etched a version of Houdon’s Bust of Washington, and of Stuart’s portrait of the same man. Both were meant to accompany the US stamps with similar portraits, and were advertised as such in the mid 1930s.

Peckmore also etched a number of designs matching the 1937 National Parks issue, and an etched version of the Penny Black in 1940. Finally, there’s a specimen stamp engraved by Peckmore, which is based on the US 10c stamp from 1847, although unfortunately not printed in recess. It is thought that Peckmore used these when trying to get a stamp contract with Liberia.

That ploy proved successful, because Peckmore did indeed go on to engrave a number of stamps for Liberia between 1948 and 1953. The 1952 definitives he engraved for Liberia were printed as regular sheet stamps, but they also exist as elaborately engraved miniature sheets, with the full set of eight stamps on, amidst a classical frame including various badges and arms.

Peckmore apparently also engraved stamps for Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Guinea, but more specific detail is lacking.

Harry Peckmore passed away in 1975.

You will find Harry L. Peckmore's database HERE.