BIOGRAPHY: Edward Gunn

Edwin H. Gunn was born in New York in 1876. In 1891, when he was only fifteen years old, he became a trainee apprentice at the American Bank Note Company (ABNC). He would stay with the company for the rest of his life, becoming their master engraver.

Gunn's first known stamp dates from 1905, this being a 12c definitive of Peru. Gunn engraved the vignette of this stamp, depicting the Municipal Board of Health Building. His work, both on stamps and banknotes, for Canada and Panama, especially, has been praised.

In 1907, Gunn engraved a non-postal charity label for the Slovak League of America.  

In 1923, Gunn, whilst remaining a master engraver, also became the Head of the Engraving Division at the ABNC. He would hold that position until he passed away on 10 October 1940.

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