CHAT: Ed Wolk's Collages

Right, so did you have fun in the last fortnight, trying to dismantle Ed's collage and finding the 29 stamps he used on that base stamp? I'll gladly admit that even I did not get all of them. Just as well, then, that Ed keeps track of the stamps he uses! So here is that beautiful collage once again.

And here are the stamps he used.

This is where he placed those 29 stamps.

How many did you get right? I believe I only got some eleven for certain, so there's room for improvement!



  1. Liked! I really think this is another way to do postal art, isn't it? There is a website where Ed shows his works?

    1. No, I don't think Ed has his own website (though he should!) But who knows, I may feature some more of his work some day...


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