A little too Keen

A fortnight ago I was elated about my very first item from a named collection. That elation came close on the heels of another first I was psyched about: my very first banknote die proof! However, it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.

It all started out innocently enough: die proof for use on banknotes, it said in the auction catalogue. A portrait of Mr Bustamante, listed under Jamaica. So I checked and there it was: a banknote issued in Jamaica in 1970, bearing the portrait of said Bustamante. Engraved by Joe Keen. The price was reasonable so I was over the moon, put in a bid, and duly won the item. And here it is:

Gorgeous, isn't it?! I naturally proceeded to try and find the actual banknotes as well, to complete the picture. That wasn't very hard either, so I got one in and here it is:

Get the picture? Right, it's a completely different engraving. And as far as I can see it's the only Jamaica banknote to actually have a Bustamante portrait, so this must be the one engraved by Keen.

But then, who engraved the other one? And why? As far as I can see, Bustamante has never appeared on any other banknote in any country. So I haven't a clue who engraved the proof, and I would dearly like to know because I actually prefer the proof way more above the banknote engraving (sorry Mr Keen).



  1. Perhaps Keen submitted more than one engraving but only one was used.


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