Elefterios Venezilos

There was a time when I tried to piece together a thematic collection on the aftermath of World War One, based on a book I had read about the 1919 Paris Peace Congress. I have since shelved that plan for I never managed to translate what I envisaged into a realtime collection, and when my engravers came to the fore more and more, I could no longer maintain two collections with my budget.

But at one stage there was great cross-over between the two collections. It happened when I was on the prowl for Venezilos items, the eminent Greek leader. I stumbled upon a beautiful progressive die proof, which I managed to snap up as well.

It is of one of the values from the 1965 Greek set marking the centenary of his birth. Now Greece does not feature often on my site and that's mainly due to a lack of information. But thankfully, this 1965 set has an engraver attributed to it, this being A. Tassos, whose real name apparently is Anastasios Alevizos.

Tassos is a well-known name in Greek philately, as he was the designer for quite a few stamp sets. But whether he was a steel engraver is less clear. Research shows that he was an engraver, but almost exclusively a woodblock engraver.

There are quite a few stamps sets which he designed, but none have him down as the engraver, except for this single set. So was it true that he really only engraved this set or has he done more, or has he maybe not even engraved this one and is it all just an error in the catalogue?

I'm afraid I owe you the answer, but I'm hoping one of you may know!



  1. Tassos cut two of the 1982 Greek Resistance set (those designated 'Resistance in Thrace' and 'Gorgopotamos', the 5d and 21d values, as well, no doubt, as several others. If you Google Image 'Alevizos Tassos' you will see more of his work.

    1. Thanks Guthrum for the info. Unfortunately those stamps are printed in litho. If ever you find out if Tassos engraved some of his recess/intaglio printed stamps, then I'd love to hear again from you!

  2. I need to get that last stamp for my engraved beards collection. Superb!


  3. https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CE%A4%CE%AC%CF%83%CF%83%CE%BF%CF%82_(%CF%87%CE%B1%CF%81%CE%AC%CE%BA%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%82)


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