The Best of Wimmer

In the music business, artists usually showcase their most popular work with a 'Best of...' album, after they've been successful for a good number of years. So how do you go about this when you're an engraver? Well, hardly two years into his career as a stamp engraver, Georg Wimmer found the perfect answer: by making a 'Best of...' engraving!

And so, at the end of 1948, he created this large (appr. 7 by 9 cm) engraving of a 'stamp'. The reconstruction of his Austria is the main theme of the design, which includes the caption 'Our people need freedom, work and bread'. As far as I know it can be found in seven colours, of which I have so far seen the blue, brown and red ones.

But it's not just a stamp. To begin with, you won't find it in the catalogues. So it isn't just a die proof or an essay. No, it's Wimmer highlighting his previous engravings by including bits of his stamp work into this new design.

Now, by this time Wimmer had been active for some two years, engraving stamps for six different Austrian sets. Four of those he included in the design. I'll show you which stamps and then it is up to you to while away this dreary Saturday morning by locating them on Wimmer's super stamp.

And so we have the Heidentor on the 1947 1 shilling airmail stamp,

the sowing soldier on the 1s40 1947 Prisoners of War Relief Fund set,

the olympic stamp featured last week,

and three values from the 1948 Reconstruction Fund set: the Laabenbach Viaduct on the 10g,

the Vienna Gas Works on the 75g,  and finally

the mountain roadway on the 1 shilling value.

Found them yet?