The award-winning stamps of Antonino Sanchez Gutierrez

There are quite a number of stamp engravers who started out as engravers of firearms. Josef Hercik comes to mind, as does Annemarie Kalina. So it's a nice case of 'coming full circle' when engravers start engraving firearms on stamps!

Unfortunately, Antonino Sanchez Gutierrez did not start out as a firearms engraver, so no full circle honour for him. That enormous blow will however undoubtedly have been softened by the fact that he was awarded 'Best Prize' at the Paris Salon du Timbre for his pistol stamp of 1990.

The detail on the pistol is quite intricate and the honour therefore rightly bestowed. As is the award Sanchez Gutierrez won for his Casa del Cordon stamp from 1989.

The stamp shows the entrance door of the house in Burgos. I like this stamp even better and the fact that it is printed in monochrome (without any non-recess detractions) makes you admire the beautiful engraving even better. So the international recognition for the engraver's work was once again spot on and well deserved.

Interested in Antonino Sanchez Gutierrez? Good for you and I've just uploaded his biography, so enjoy!