Hall's Kings

A couple of months ago, I featured a die proof for the Portuguese Kings set, issued in 1955. At the time I showed the work of Nigel Alan Dow. But Dow was not the only one to have worked on the set.

Two other values, the 10c and 20c, were engraved by Philip Goodwyn Hall. And I'm pleased to say I also managed to lay my hands on a die proof of one of his stamps, the 10c.

As with the other proof, one of the main differences is the treatment of the background. Again we find changes in the colouring of the lettering on the side and the numeral. The background shading, too, has changed, giving the portait a much better outline.

The whole face looks much lighter on the eventual stamp, but whether that's just less ink or a lighter colour, I couldn't say, to be honest. What I did notice was, when looking at the portrait in close-up, that it almost solely consists of vertical lines of various thickness. That's quite an unusual way of engraving a portrait, I would think. Normally, lines tend to follow the shape of a face, but the great thing is that the end result is just as curvy and rounded.

Fascinating stuff!