DATABASE: Raoul Serres


France, Soldiers comforts fund

France, Winter relief fund
France, National relief fund

Dahomey, Air
France, Jean de Vienne
France, National relief fund
French Guinea, Air
French Sudan, Air
Ivory Coast, Air
Monaco, Airmail
Monaco, National relief fund
Niger, Air
Togo, Air

France, National relief fund (2 issues)
Mauritania, Air

France, Railways centenaries
France, Semaphore telegraph
French Oceanic Settlements, Air (2)

France, Postal employees war victims fund
France, Liberation of Alsace-Lorraine
France, Destruction of Oradour-sur-Glane
France, Stamp day

France, Stamp day
Madagascar, French conquest
Monaco, Roosevelt

France, Nancy
France, Stamp day
France, Louis Braille
French Equatorial Africa, Definitive
French West Africa, Definitives
Guadeloupe, Definitives
Guadeloupe, Postage dues
St. Pierre et Miquelon, definitives
Togo, Definitives

France, Stamp day
France, National relief fund
France, Leclerc commemoration
French Polynesia, Definitives
Monaco, Olympic games

Cameroun, UPU
Fezzan, Definitives
France, Stamp day
France, National relief fund
French Equatorial Africa, UPU
French Indian Settlements, UPU
French Morocco, Army welfare fund
French Morocco, Definitives
French Polynesia, UPU
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, UPU
French West Africa, UPU
Indo-China, UPU
Madagascar, UPU
Monaco, Red cross
New Caledonia, UPU
St. Pierre et Miquelon, UPU

Cameroun, Colonial welfare fund
Comoro Islands, Definitive
French Indian Settlements, Welfare fund
French Morocco, Definitive
French Polynesia, Colonial welfare fund
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Colonial welfare fund
French West Africa, Colonial welfare fund
Madagascar, Colonial welfare fund
Monaco, Accession of Rainier III
New Caledonia, Colonial welfare fund
Saar, Holy year
Saar, National Relief Fund
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Colonial Welfare Fund
Tunisia, Veterans welfare fund

France, Veterinary research
France, Pic du Midi de Bigorre
French Equatorial Africa, Count Savorgnan de Brazza
French West Africa, Definitive
Monaco, Holy year
Saar, Reformation

Cameroun, Médaille militaire
Comoro Islands, Médaille militaire
France, Poitiers abbey
France, Medaille militaire
France, Marshal de Lattre de Tassigny, portrait only (3)
French Equatorial Africa, Mgr Augouard
French Equatorial Africa, Médaille militaire
French Indian Settlements, Médaille Militaire
French Morocco, Definitives
French Morocco, Air
French Polynesia, Médaille militaire
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Médaille militaire
French West Africa, Médaille Militaire
Laos, Definitives
Madagascar, Médaille Militaire
New Caledonia, Médaille militaire
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Médaille Militaire

Cameroun, Definitive
Comoro Islands, Definitive
France, Stamp day
France, General Leclerc
France, National relief fund
France, Sports
Monaco, Olympics
Monaco, Postage dues

Algeria, Military health service
Algeria, Earthquake victims
Cameroun, Liberation
Comoro Islands, Liberation
France, Air
France, Liberation
France, National relief fund
French Equatorial Africa, Liberation
French Indian Settlements, Liberation
French Morocco, Solidarity fund
French Morocco, Marshal Lyautey
French Polynesia, Liberation
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Liberation
French West Africa, Liberation
Madagascar, Liberation
Monaco, Postage dues
Monaco, Precancelled
New Caledonia, Liberation
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Liberation

Algeria, Tipasa
France, Rotary international
France, Stamp day
French Equatorial Africa, Air
French Equatorial Africa, Governor General Eboué
French Morocco, Definitive
French Morocco, Air
French West Africa, Development fund
Monaco, Dr. Schweitzer
Monaco, Jules Verne
Monaco, Marian Year
New Caledonia, Definitive
Saar, National relief fund
St. Pierre et Miquelon, definitives
Tunisia,  Balloon Post

Algeria, Marshal Leclerc
Cameroun, Coffee
France, Scientists
France, Order of Malta
France, Sports
France, Coubertin
French Equatorial Africa, Coffee
French West Africa, Coffee

France, Uzes Chateau
France, Famous men
France, National relief fund
France, Tourism
French Equatorial Africa, Leprosy relief
French Equatorial Africa, African troops
French West Africa, African troops
Togo, Definitives

France, Traditional games
French Polynesia, Definitive
French West Africa, Banana production
Monaco, Order of St Charles
Monaco, Virgin Mary

France, Resistance heroes
France, Bergson
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Definitive
Ivory Coast, Air
Laos, Monuments
Monaco, Flowers
Togo, Definitives
Tunisia, Definitives

France, Stamp day
France, Tourism
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Governor Bernard
Gabon, Albert Schweitzer
Ivory Coast, Native masks
Malagasy Republic, 8f and 15f definitives
Monaco, St Devote
Monaco, Rally
New Caledonia, Postal centenary

France, Stamp day
Gabon, Floral designs

Laos, Stamp anniversary


France, Parcel post stamps

France, PTT war victims label (two designs) (1)

1) Collecing by engraver - Stampcommunity website
3) Timbres Magazine

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