DATABASE: Albert Decaris


France, St Trophime d'Arles
France, Liner Normandie
French Guiana, West Indies Tercentenary, Cayenne recaptured design

Ivory Coast, Definitives

Cameroun, International exhibition
Dahomey, International exhibition
French Equatorial Africa, International exhibition
French Guiana, International exhibition
French Guinea, International exhibition
French Indian Settlements, International exhibition
French Polynesia, International exhibition
French Somali Coast, International exhibition
French Sudan, International exhibition
Guadeloupe, International exhibition
Indo-China, International Exhibition
Ivory Coast, International Exhibition
Madagascar, International exhibition
Mali Federation, International exhibition
Martinique, International exhibition
Mauritania, International exhibition
New Caledonia, International exhibition
Niger, International exhibition
Oceanic Settlements, International exhibition
St. Pierre et Miquelon, International Exhibition
Senegal, International exhibition

French Guinea, Definitives
Mauritania, Definitives
New Caledonia, Air

Cameroun, World fair
Cameroun, Definitives
Cameroun, Postage due
Dahomey, World fair
France, Battleship Clemenceau
French Equatorial Africa, World fair
French Guiana, World fair
French Guinea, World fair
French Indian Settlements, World fair
French Polynesia, World fair
French Sudan, World fair
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, World fair
Guadeloupe, World fair
Indo-China, World fair
Inini, World fair
Ivory Coast, World fair
Kwangchow, World fair
Madagascar, World fair
Mali Federation, World fair
Mauritania, World fair
New Caledonia, World fair
St. Pierre et Miquelon, New York World's Fair

Togo, Definitives

Dahomey, Definitives
France, Seamen's dependents relief fund

France, National relief fund

France, Branly
France, Petain's birthday
France, National relief fund
France, Battle of Isly

French Equatorial Africa, Victory

Cameroun, Victory
Cameroun, Definitives
Cameroun, From Chad to the Rhine
France, Luxembourg Palace definitive
France, Peace conference
France, National relief fund
France, UNESCO conferenc
French Equatorial Africa, From Chad to the Rhine
French Guiana, Victory
French Guiana, From Chad to the Rhine
French Indian Settlements, Victory
French Indian Settlements, From Chad to the Rhine
French Polynesia, Victory
French Polynesia, From Chad to the Rhine
French Somali Coast, From Chad to the Rhine
French Somali Coast, Victory
French West Africa, Victory
French West Africa, From Chad to the Rhine
Guadeloupe, Victory
Guadeloupe, From Chad to the Rhine
Indo-China, Victory
Indo-China, From Chad to the Rhine
Madagascar, Victory
Madagascar, From Chad to the Rhine
Mali Federation, Victory
Mali Federation, From Chad to the Rhine
New Caledonia, Victory
New Caledonia, From Chad to the Rhine
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Victory
St. Pierre et Miquelon, From Chad to the Rhine
Wallis & Futuna Islands, From Chad to the Rhine
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Victory

Cameroun, Definitive
France, Cathedrals
Guadeloupe, Definitives

France, UN assembly
Saar, Definitives

Algeria, UPU
France, Workers
France, Air (vignette only of 1000f)

France, Stamp day
France, François Rabelais

France, Fontainebleau
France, Stamp day
France, Textile industry
France, Vincent d'Indy
France, National relief fund
France, UN General assembly
France, Clemenceau

Algeria, African army
France, Marshal de Lattre de Tassigny, background only (1)
France, Council of Europe
France, Leonardo da Vinci

France, Tour de France
Tunisia, Air

Algeria, St. Augustine
France, Paris Fair
France, Views
France, Romanesque studies
France, Metric system
Togo, Airmail Definitive
Tunisia,  Definitives

Andorra (French),  Definitives
France, Saint-Simon
France, Inventors
France, Television development
France, Concentration camps
France, Valenciennes railway
France, La Capricieuse
France, Views
French Equatorial Africa, Air
Tunisia, L'Essor
Tunisia, Rotary

Algeria, Franchet d'Esperey
France, Colonel Driant
France, Battle of Verdun
France, Franchet d'Esperey
France, National relief fund
France, Famous men
French Equatorial Africa, Economic and social development fund
St. Pierre et Miquelon, definitive
Tunisia, Definitives
Tunisia, Autonomous government inauguration

France, Famous men
France, Stamp day
France, Resistance heroes
France, Universities world games
France, Europa
French Equatorial Africa, Kudu definitive
Peru, French Products exhibition, all except 40c 

France, Scientists
France, Resistance heroes
France, Paris Rome friendship
France (Council of Europe), Definitives
French Equatorial Africa, WHO
French West Africa, Centenary of Dakar
Monaco, Virgin Mary

France, Academic palms
France, Red cross
France, Jaurès
France, Blood donors
Ivory Coast, Abidjan Games
Malagasy Republic, Proclamation of republic
Niger Republic, Definitives

Cameroun, Proclamation of independence
Cameroun, World refugee year
Dahomey, Airmail definitives
France, European Mayors
France, Refugee year
France, Olympics
France, Maillol centenary
France, SNCF parcel post
French Polynesia, Definitives
Gabon, Fifth world forestry congress
Malagasy Republic, Youth games
Mauritania, Inauguration
Mauritania, Proclamation of independence
Monaco, Refugee year
Monaco, Definitive
Monaco, Marine life
Monaco, Oceanographic museum
Morocco, World refugee year
Morocco, Olympic games
Togo, World refugee Year
Upper Volta, Proclamation of independence

Congo, Foundation of Air Afrique airline
France, Marianne de Cocteau
France, Actors and actresses
France, Pierre Fauchard
Mali Republic, Proclamation of independence and admission to UN
Mali Republic, First anniversary of independence
Monaco, Nubian monuments
Niger Republic, First anniversary of admission to UN
Senegal, Sports
Upper Volta, First world meteorological day

Cameroun, World leprosy day
Cameroun, Foundation of Air Afrique airline
Cameroun, First anniversary of reunification
Central African Republic, Foundation of Air Afrique airline
Chad, Foundation of Air Afrique airline
France, Gallic cock definitives
France, Resistance memorials
France, National hospitals week
Gabon, Foundation of Air Afrique airline
Ivory Coast, Foundation of Air Afrique airline
Ivory Coast, Second anniversary of admission to UN
Mauritania, Foundation of Air Afrique airline
Mauritania, Admission to UN
Mauritania, First anniversary of admission to UN
Mauritania, 2nd anniversary of independence
Mauritania, First anniversary of Unity congress
Monaco, MS Society
Monaco, Europa
Senegal, First anniversary of admission to UNO
Senegal, Foundation of Air Afrique airline

Andorra (French), Andorran history
Central African Republic, Bangui-Douala railway project
Comoro Islands, Human rights
France, Record undersea dive
France, Red cross
French Polynesia, Human rights
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Human rights
Ivory Coast, Bouaké Fair
Ivory Coast, 15th anniversary of declaration of human rights
Monaco, Freedom from hunger
New Caledonia, 15th Anniv. of Declaration of Human Rights
St. Pierre et Miquelon, 15th Anniv. of Declaration of Human Rights

Andorra (French), Andorran history
Cameroun, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Central African Republic, Bangui cathedral
Central African Republic, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Chad, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Chad, Nubian monuments preservation fund
Congo, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Dahomey, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
France, Paralytics' rehabilitation
France, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
France, Philatec 1964
Gabon, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Ivory Coast, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Madagascar, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Malagasy Republic, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Mali Republic, Olympic games
Mauritania, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Mauritania, World meteorological day
Monaco, Philatec 1964
Monaco, TV festival
Monaco, Human rights
Niger Republic, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
St. Pierre et Miquelon, St Pierre New York Airmail flight
Senegal, Industries
Senegal, Twin towns congress
Senegal, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Togo, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Upper Volta, French, African and Malagasy cooperation
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Olympic games

Andorra (French), ITU
France, Welcome campaign
France, ITU
France, Colonisation of Réunion
France, Reafforestation
French Polynesia, Canteen art
Gabon, Mining riches
Ivory Coast, Abidjan railway station
Mali Republic, Animals
Niger Republic, Human progress
Reunion, Colonisation

Cameroun, Hotels
Central African Republic, National diamond industry
France, Art
France, History of France
Ivory Coast, National school of administration
Niger, World festival of Negro Arts

Andorra (French), Social Security
Cameroun, Conquest of the moon
France, Accountancy congress
France, History of France
Gabon, American missionaries arrival
Monaco, CIME
Upper Volta, National savings bank

Cameroun, Telecommunications satellites
Central African Republic, Olympic games Grenoble and Mexico
Chad, International hydrological decade
Comoro Islands, WHO
Comoro Islands, Human rights year
France, Release of Huguenot prisoners
France, Children's hospital charity
France, History of France
French Polynesia, WHO
French Polynesia, Human rights year
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, WHO
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Human rights year
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, WHO
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Human rights year
Malagasy Republic, Stamp day
New Caledonia, WHO
New Caledonia, Human Rights Year
New Caledonia, Stamp Day
St. Pierre et Miquelon, WHO 
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Human Rights Year

France, Tourism
France, History of France
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Buildings and landmarks
Gabon, Philexafrique
Monaco, Hector Berlioz

Cameroun, Tourism
Cameroun, Brewing industry
France, Gerbault's world voyage
France, Fight cancer day
France, Handicapped world games
France, History of France
France, UN anniversary
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Buildings and landmarks
Ivory Coast, Industrial expansion
Mali Republic, EXPO 70
Niger Republic, National museum

Cameroun, Inauguration of Federal University Yaoundé
Congo, 75th anniversary of modern olympic games
France, History of France
France, Interparliamentary Union conference
France, Craft guilds association
Malagasy Republic, Industries
Mauritania, Racial equality year

Central African Republic, Operation Bokassa
Central African Republic, Inauguration of Bokassa university
Central African Republic, Opening of Hotel St Sylvestre
France, History of France
Ivory Coast, Stamp day
Monaco, Congress of zoology
Niger Republic, World telecommunications day
Upper Volta, National Development Plan

Congo, Oil installations Pointe Noire
Congo, Congo Brewers' association
France, History of France

Andorra (French), Church sculptures
Monaco, UPU
Monaco, Circus festival

Central African Republic, Central African woods
France, Machine-tools exhibition
France, Senate
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas,  Administrative buildings
Monaco, Carmen

France, Marine officers' reserve association
France, Nature conservation
France, Atlantic museum
Monaco, Philatelic federation

France, Battle of Nancy
France, Language parliaments
France, Economic and social council

France, Tourism
Monaco, Circus festival 

France, Red cross

France, Tourism
France, Rochambeau's arrival at Rhode Island

France, Tourism
France, Naval school

France, Philexfrance 82
France, St Theresa of Avila
France, Discovery of Louisiana

France, French alliance
France, Red cross

France, Handicrafts

France, Huguenots
France, Memorial day


France, Unaccepted engraving for 3f St Trophime d'Arles stamp

France, Unaccepted engraving for 4f+6f Louis de Broglie stamp

France, Unaccepted engraving for 10f Conference de Paris stamp

France, Unaccepted engraving for 12f Palais du Luxembourg stamp

France, Unaccepted engraving for 500f Marseille airmail stamp
France, Unaccepted engraving for 500f Paris airmail stamp
France, Unaccepted engraving for 1000f Paris airmail stamp

France, Unaccepted engraving for 12f Palais de Fontainebleau stamp
France, Unaccepted engraving for 25f + 10f Napoléon I stamp
France, Unaccepted engraving for 18f and 30f UN stamps

France, Unaccepted engraving for 15f Marshal de Lattre stamp

Ceres, engraving for Ceux qui creént nos timbres Volume I
France, Unaccepted engraving for 15f Television stamp

France, Small parcel post stamps
France, Edouard Berck Refugee Year philatelic postcard

France, Engraving for philatelic congress

France, Illustration for philatelic document for Nature Conservation issue

Hommage à la philatélie (2)


Eve avant le péché

Engravings in book: Joachim du Bellay. Le premier livre des antiquités de Rome (2)
Engravings for: Duc de Saint Simon, Louis XIV (2)

Engravings in book: Alfred de Vigny. Servitude et grandeur militaires (2)

Engravings in book: Jean Giono. Un roi sans divertissement (2)
Engravings for: Euripide, Les Bacchantes (2)

Engravings for: Jules Romains, Bertrand de Ganges (2)

Chemin de croix, engraving for the Saint-Pierre church at Besançon

Engravings for: Philippe Chabaneix: Portraits d'Albert Decaris par lui-même (2)

Engravings in book: Paul Claudel. Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher (2)

Engravings in book: Paul Claudel. Le Livre de Christophe Colomb: Présenté par Jean-Louis Barrault (2)

1er centenaire de la Tour Eiffel (2)

The months (twelve) (2)
The seasons (four) (2)
Comedia dell'arte (six) (2)
Historical figures (eight, incl. Napoléon, Louis XVI, Lafayette, Comte de Grasse) (2)
Mythology (twelve) (2)
Paris and France (various) (2)
Italy (two) (2)
Passion of Christ (fifteen) (2)

1) Timbres Magazine
2) Tajan 2017 auction catalogue

You will find Albert Decaris' biography HERE.


  1. A most superlative blog post!! I've been collating a Decaris database for some time now. This will be invaluable! Thanks Adrian :)

    1. Glad you like it! And if you have more info on his work for 'Independent French Africa' (that is tp say, all his stamps not in part 6 of the SG catalogues) then I'd be happy to hear from you again!

    2. When you say 'Independent French Africa' do you mean French West Africa's states after 1960?

    3. What I mean is basically all countries in parts 12 to 14 of the SG catalogues (the ones they haven't published for decades), so countries such as Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoro Islands, Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Libya, Malagasy Republic, Mali Republic, Mauritiania, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger republic, Rwanda, St. Thomas & Prince, Senegal, Sumalia, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Upper Volta and Zaire. I know they won'ty all feature French engravers but this is basically the info I'm missing, so any help is appreciated!

  2. Hi Adrian,
    I've just been looking at my Decaris stamps- inspired by this blog post :) I noticed that you have his first stamp listed as St. Trophime issued in May. Wasn't his first stamp the Norrmandie issued in April? Forgive me if I'm wrong and messed something up lol

    1. You had me worried there for a bit, this early in the morning! But I checked many French sites and they all quote the Trophime stamp as his first engraving. I presume therefore that he did engrave this one first, even though it was issued a little later than the Normandie issue. There's only some ten days in between the issue dates, so this could well have been the case.

  3. I thought it may have been something like that!! I love Decaris and every bit of info I can get on him is fantastic. Is there any particular French site that you use for him that you'd recommend?

    1. No, not really. Just a lot of googling and a lot of luck! I've actually just managed to win a 1955 booklet on stamp designers/engravers which is to include an engraving by Decaris. I'll feature it when I get it, so watch this space!

    2. Hey stamp crazy, if you send me your email address through this comment system (I won't publish it), then I'll send you scans of a great little Decaris interview of 1955 which I've just got hold of (in French).

    3. Thanks heaps for the article, Adrian. Just gotta find a way f getting it translated. Thanks again :)

  4. Hi Adrian,
    I finally got the Decaris Blog I mentioned to you a while back up and running if you want to take a look:


    1. Well done you! I've added to the blog list on my site.

    2. Fantastic! Thanks heaps, Adrian :)

  5. Hi Adrian,
    A quick question for you. Do you know how many of the 1937 International Exhibition omnibus stamps Decaris engraved?


  6. Hi Matt, Decaris engraved the 'Agriculture' design and the 'Madame de Poitiers' design (the latter one shown here). I don't know if I have the complete list, but I won't be far wrong, I don't think, so that would be 18 countries.

  7. Hi Adrian,
    Sorry to be a pain. I've been doing some resaerch on the 1937 omnibus issue. I noticed that the Afars and Issars didn't come into being until 1967. Before this it was called French Somaliland. Would the omnibus have this name instead of the former? Or have I missed something vital - again :P

    1. Yes of course, you're so right! Have just amended the list. SG calls it French Somali Coast, therefore so will I.

  8. And I also just found one for Niger.


  9. I just found a sales listing for the full set. Apparently it includes 126 stamps from 21 countries. I hope this helps a bit.

  10. And Martinique makes the 21st. Country. And I just found out - if you don't already know - these 21 countries issued a s/s. Three further countries issued the s/s only

    1. Got them all now, thanks a lot! Do you know which three countries issued the miniature sheets and which stamps are depicted on them?

    2. No worries! The hunt has been fun. I'm still tracking down what the countries were. But I can tell you that the s/s' s featured the torch bearer stamp.


  11. Ah right, so we're talking Antonin Delzers for those. Which reminds me, I must make all the changes for the other engravers too... Oh well, tomorrowe's another day!

  12. Hi Adrian,
    I have a few "From Chad to Rhine" omnibus additions for you.
    Somali Coast
    Wallis & Futuna Is.
    In fact, the last two can be added to the Victory stamp also.

    1. Thanks! Have amended the list accordingly.

  13. Hi Adrian, I have recently uncovered another 1935 Decaris stamp. French Guiana Tercentenary, issued on 21 October. It consists of 3 values of the same design.

    1. Well done! I have updated my list and also that of Delzers who was the engraver of the second design of this set.

  14. Hi Adrian,
    I've been trying to track down definitive proof that Decaris engraved the 1957 Peru stamp. Do you have any documentation that proves it by any chance?

  15. Hi Matt, all I have to go on is the SG catalogue, which states that Decaris engraved the whole set except for the 40c, which is done by Pheulpin. I did notice, though, that I had it the wrong way round in my database so I've now rectified the entry.

    1. Interesting. Everything that I found out says that Decaris only did the 40c stamp and the others were done by Pheulpin. LOL. I have to admit he 40c stamp is the only one that is "Decaris-like". A mystery.

  16. I just now got a message from another Decaris collector who sent me an image of a design proof of the 2.20 /s done by Decaris and it is totally different to the final stamp. My feeling is that Decaris did the 40c stamp only. The others look nothing like his work. Just my humble opinion lol

    1. It's all very mysterious indeed, especially when I had it the other way around, which is how you think it should be. But I can't think where I would have got that from. As far as I know, my SG is my only Peru reference and I rechecked just now and it really says that Pheulpin did the 40c and Decaris the others. Maybe we'll have to wait for a signed die proof to appear from nowhere!

    2. Now that would indeed be good to find! I was wondering is there any chance I could get you to do a scan of that page Not because I don't believe you! LOL. It is purely to add to my reference material! No probs f you can't :)


  17. Hi Adrian, I have another update for you. The 1964 Co-Operation was an Omnibus issue (just discovered) issued in:
    Cent. Afr.
    Congo PR
    Ivory Coast

    I found another couple of omnibuses, but I'll post them to you later :)

    1. Duly noted and amended! I haven't finished uploading all of 'Africa since independence yet', am still stuck in Malagasy Republic, so the list should be more complete in I don't know how many weeks/months' time. Having said that, these omnibus issues are easily skipped as they only have tiny non-image mentions in the SG catalogue. So thanks for keeping an eye on things!

  18. Hi Adrian,
    I finally, finally managed to get my hands on a copy of this book: Bernard Gontier, Maître Albert Decaris. Sa vie, son oeuvre philatélique. Phila No 1, édition spéciale du Monde des Philatélistes, 1988. This has a full list of his work in it so i'll be able to finalise my database - and help yours :-) It was incredibly difficult to track down, but finally got it for £20. Now I just have to wait till it arrives...


    1. sounds fascinating. I'm looking forward to hearing from you after you've read it all.


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