DATABASE: Jacques Combet


France, Air, Frame of 1000f

Monaco, Holy year

St. Pierre et Miquelon, 500f airmail definitive, lettering only

France, Scientists
France, Municipal reconstruction
France, Red cross
Tunisia, Inauguration of UNESCO headquarters building

Chad, Anniversary of republic
France, School of Mines
France, Technical achievements
France, Tancarville bridge
Ivory Coast, Air
Monaco, Flowers
Niger Republic, Definitives
Tunisia, Definitives
Vietnam, Trans-Vietnam railway
Vietnam, Scout jamboree

Cambodia, Five year plan, 3r and 25r (1,3)
Comoro Islands, Broadcasting service
France, Tourism
France, Attachment of Nice
France, Red cross
France, Europa
France, General Estienne
Mauritania, Definitives
Morocco, World refugee year
Senegal, Niokolo-koba national park
Togo, Olympic games
Tunisia, Fourth Arab scout jamboree
Tunisia, Olympic games
Tunisia, Fifth world forestry congress
Upper Volta,  Definitives
Wallis & Futuna Islands,  Definitives

Chad, Admission into UN
Dahomey, First anniversary of admission to UNO
France, Orly airport
France, Tourism
France, Introduction of tobacco
France, Old soldiers federation
France, Red cross
France, Mont Dore
France, Europa
Gabon, Admisssion into UN
Ivory Coast, First anniversary of independence
Ivory Coast, Flower definitives
Ivory Coast, Stamp day
Monaco, Motor cars
Tunisia, Fifth anniversary of independence
Tunisia, Africa day and third anniversary of Accra conference

Algeria, Tourism
Cambodia, Malaria eradication
Cameroun, Definitives
Central African Republic, Coupe des Tropiques games bangui
France, Pierre-Fidele Bretonneau
France, Cession of Dunkirk
France, Aviation
France, Red cross
France, Satellite link
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Fauna and flora
Gabon, Evolution of air transport
Laos, Philatelic exhibition
Malagasy Republic, Admission to UNO
Malagasy Republic, Tourist publicity
Monaco, Rally
Monaco, Underwater exploration
Morocco, First national philatelic exhibition
Niger, definitives
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Flowers
Vietnam, Postal cheques service

Algeria, National solidarity fund
Algeria, First anniversary of independence
Algeria, 2nd Arab Physicians Union congress
Dahomey, Dahomey tribes
Comoro Islands, Red cross
Comoro Islands, Handicrafts
France, EEC celebrities
France, Art
France, Radio TV centre
French Polynesia, Red cross
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Red cross
Ivory Coast, Tourism and Hunting
Malagasy Republic, 2nd anniversary of admission to UPU
Malagasy Republic, 15th anniversary of declaration of human rights
Mauritania, Space telecommunications
Monaco, Football association
New Caledonia, Red Cross Centenary.
New Hebrides, Red Cross Centenary.
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Red Cross Centenary.

Andorra (French), Philatec 1964
Central African Republic, Nubian monuments preservation fund
Central African Republic, Child welfare
Congo, Congo sculpture
Dahomey, 18th anniversary of UNICEF
France, Liberation (2 issues)
France, Tourism
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Olympics
Ivory Coast, Tourism and hunting
Ivory Coast, Stamp day
Malagasy Republic, Europafrique
Mali Republic, Anti-locust campaign
Mali Republic, International quiet sun years
Mauritania, Olympic games
Monaco, Aerial rally
Senegal, Space telecommunications
Upper Volta, International quiet sun years
Upper Volta, Woodpecker

Cameroun, Federal postal Savings bank
Cameroun, Winning of Africa cup by Oryx football club
Cameroun, International cooperation year
Central African Republic, Plant protection
Comoro Islands, ITU
Comoro Islands, Marine life
France, Sens cathedral
France, Tourism
France, Return of deportees
France, Atomic energy commission
French Polynesia, ITU
French Polynesia, Swimming championships
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, ITU
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, ITU
Gabon, International co-operation year
Laos, Foreign aid
Lebanon, Olympics
Mali Republic, Air, birds
Mali Republic, International co-operation year
Mali Republic, ITU centenary
Mali Republic, Health service
Mauritania, Campaign against cancer
New Caledonia, ITU
New Caledonia, Adherence to the Free French.
New Hebrides, ITU.
St. Pierre et Miquelon, ITU
Senegal, Anti-leprosy campaign
Senegal, French satellites
Upper Volta, 1st African games

Andorra (French), Winter sports
Cameroun, World cup football championships
Central African Republic, Launching of satellite D1
Congo, Launching of satellite D1
France, red cross
France, Art
France, Pont St Esprit
France, Europa
France, Pneumatic post
France (UNESCO), Definitives
French Polynesia, South Pacific games
Ivory Coast, Inauguration of Ivory Hotel
Laos, Birds
Malagasy Republic, Reafforestation campaign
Mauritania, French satellites
Mauritania, Launching of satellite D1
Mauritania, Tourism and archaeology
Monaco, Europa
Senegal, Launching of satellite D1
Senegal, Tourism

Algeria, Air
Algeria, World Scout Jamboree Idaho
Andorra (French), Telephone service
Andorra (French), Frescoes
Cambodia, Royal Ballet
Cameroun, Seventh anniversary of independence
Cameroun, World fair, Montreal
Central African Republic, World fair Montreal
Central African Republic, Vaccination programme
Congo, International tourist year
Dahomey, World Fair Montreal
France, Red cross
France, Art
France, Great Bridge Bordeaux
France, Tourism
France, Battle of Bir-Hakeim
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, First space probe
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Somali fauna
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Fauna
Gabon, Publicity for 1968 olympic games
Gabon, World Fair Montreal
Malagasy Republic, International hydrological decade
Mauritania, Fruits
Monaco, Motor grand prix
Monaco, Cynological federation congress
New Caledonia, Butterflies and Moths
St. Pierre et Miquelon, De Gaulle visit
Senegal, International hydrological decade
Upper Volta, World meteorological day

Andorra (French), Olympic Games
Andorra (French), Frescoes
Congo, Luthuli commemoration
Congo, 20th anniversary of WHO
Congo, Olympic games Mexico
France, Olympics
France, Road safety
France, Art
Mali Republic, Veteran bicycles and motor cars
Mauritania, Olympic games
Monaco, Olympics
Monaco, Paintings
New Hebrides, Bougainville's voyage
Upper Volta, World meteorological day

Andorra (French), Kayak-canoeing championships
Andorra (French), Water charter
Andorra (French), Altar screens
Cameroun, Philexafrique
Cameroun, 10th anniversary of ASECNA
Chad, Chad dolls
Chad, 10th anniversary of ASECNA
Congo, Cycles and motorcycles
Congo, 10th anniversary of ASECNA
France, Tourism
France, Art
France, Kayak-canoeing championships
France, Water charter
Gabon, African tourist year
Gabon, Traditional musical instruments from Folk art museum Libreville
Ivory Coast, 10th anniversary of Aerial navigation security agency
Malagasy Republic, Stamp day
Mali Republic, Motor industry
Mali Republic, 10th anniversary of ASECNA
Mauritania, London-Sydney motor rally
New Caledonia, Stamp Day
Niger Republic, Veteran motor cars
Niger Republic, 10th anniversary of ASECNA
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Pierre Loti
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Marine Animals 
Senegal, 10th anniversary of ASECNA
Upper Volta, 10th anniversary of ASECNA

Andorra (French), Altar screens
Cameroun, 25th anniversary of UN
Cameroun, Birth bicentenary of Beethoven
Dahomey, 10th anniversary of ASECNA
France, Red cross
France, First hovertrain
France, Diamond B rocket
France, Philatelic societies congress
France, Haute-Provence observatory
Gabon, 10th anniversary of Aerial navigation security agency
Ivory Coast, 10th anniversary of independence (1st issue)
Mali Republic, World telecommunications day
Mauritania, Insects
Monaco, Paintings
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Celebrities
Senegal, 40th anniversary of disappearance of Emile Lecrivain
Senegal, World fair EXPO 70
Senegal, Industrial education year
Upper Volta, Hanover fair

Andorra (French), Nature protection
Andorra (French), Altar screens
Cameroun, Industrial expansion
Congo, Philatokyo 71
Congo, World scout jamboree Asagiri Japan
Congo, First death anniversary of General de Gaulle
Dahomey, Racial equality year
France, Oceanexpo
France, Philatelic societies congress
Gabon, World telecommunications day
Ivory Coast, Air
Ivory Coast, Technical training and instruction
Mali Republic, 75th death anniversary of Alfred Nobel
Mali Republic, The seven wonders of the ancient world
Mauritania, Pre-olympics year
New Caledonia, Stamp Day
Upper Volta, Racial equality year

Andorra (French), Altar screens
Cameroun, President Ahidjo prize
Cameroun, Olympic games Munich
Comoro Islands, Aquatic sports
Dahomey, Winter Olympic Games Sapporo Japan
Dahomey, Birth centenary of Louis Bleriot
Dahomey, 150th birth anniversary of Louis Pasteur
France, Red cross
France, Air pioneers
French Polynesia, Olympics
Gabon, 150th birth anniversary of Louis Pasteur
Ivory Coast, Conserve water campaign
Mali Republic, Winter olympic games
Mali Republic, Inetrnational scout seminar
Mali Republic, History of transport
Monaco, Foundation of UNICEF
New Caledonia, Arts festival
Niger Republic, International scout seminar
Niger Republic, Europafrique co-operation
Upper Volta, Winter olympic games
Wallis & Futuna Islands,  Arts festival

Cameroun, Bamoun masks
Cameroun, African fortnight Brussels
Cameroun, Aid for handicapped children
Central African Republic, Europafrique
Congo, 500th birth anniversary of Nicolas Copernicus
Congo, Centenary of WMO
Dahomey, Centenary of Hansen's identification of leprosy bacillus
Dahomey, World cup football championships West Germany
France, Air pioneers
France, Art
France, Academy of overseas sciences
France, Experimental radio link
French Polynesia, St Theresa of Lisieux
French Polynesia, Pierre Loti
Ivory Coast, Pan-African drought relief
Malagasy Republic, World cup football championships
Mali Republic, Stamp day
Mali Republic, African fortnight
Monaco, Charles Péguy
Monaco, St. Francis of Assisi
New Caledonia, Molière
New Caledonia, Nouméa-Paris Douglas DC-10 air service
Niger Republic, African fortnight
Niger Republic, Schools television service
Senegal, Centenary of WMO
Senegal, Centenary of discovery of leprosy bacillus

Cameroun, Fifth anniversary of first manned moon landing
Central African Republic, Centra cigarette factory
Congo, Soviet-American space co-operation
Dahomey, Celebrities' anniversaries
Dahomey, Fifth anniversary of First manned moon landing
Dahomey, Centenary of UPU
France, Tourism
France, Arphila 75
France, Red cross
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Underwater hunting trophy
Malagasy Republic, Tabletennis championships
Malagasy Republic, Europafrique
Mali Republic, Birth centenary of Sir Winston Churchill
Niger Republic, 1st anniversary of ascent of Niger by Fleet of Hope
Niger Republic, World population year
Niger Republic, 21st chess olympics
Niger Republic, Fifth anniversary of first manned moon landing
Niger Republic, Centenary of UPU
Niger Republic, First anniversary of death of Tenere Tree
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Copernicus
Senegal, 1st Dakar international fair

Central African Republic, Arphila 75
France, Concentration camps liberation
French Polynesia, Arphila 75
Gabon, Nordjamb 75 world scout jamboree
Iceland, Celebrities
Mali Republic, Birth centenary of Dr Albert Schweitzer
Mali Republic, 20th death anniversary of Albert Einstein
Mali Republic, 20th death anniversary of Sir Alexander Fleming
Mali Republic, Birth bicentenary of André Marie Ampère
Mali Republic, 50th death anniversary of Clément Ader
Mauritania, Europafrique
Mauritania, Mining industry
Monaco, History of the motor car
Niger Republic, Europafrique
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Handicrafts
Senegal, Riccione stamp exhibition
Senegal, Bicentenary of American revolution
Wallis & Futuna Islands,  regular air service to New Caledonia

France, Art
France, Tourism
France, Symphony No 1 satellite
France, Telephone centenary
French Polynesia, American revolution
Mali Republic, Viking space mission
New Caledonia, American Revolution
Niger Republic, Motorcycles
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Vigie Dam
Wallis & Futuna Islands,  Concorde
Wallis & Futuna Islands,  Olympic games

Benin, Aviation
Cameroun, World rheumatism year
Chad, First anniversary of Concorde's flight
Chad, Sports
Chad, World rheumatism year
France, Pompidou centre
France, Catholic institutions
Gabon, Operation Viking
Ivory Coast, Tingrela mosque
Mali Republic, 525th birth anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci
New Caledonia, SECC

Andorra (French), Parity treaties
Cameroun, 250th birth anniversary of Capt James Cook
France, Tourism
France, Red cross
France, Philatelic societies congress
France,  First airmail flight
Gabon, World leprosy day
Mali Republic, Centenary of Paris Congress
Monaco, Football championships
Monaco, Christmas
New Caledonia, Thematic philately

France, Art
France, Red cross
France, Telecommunications exhibition
Gabon, Philexafrique
Mali Republic, Philexafrique

France, Europa
Monaco, Circus festival

France, PEN Club
France, Military Academy
France, Commercial college
Monaco, Hydrographic bureau

France, Art
France, Rugby
France, Croix du Sud
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Philexfrance 82
Monaco, Fontvieille
Monaco, Discovery of TB
New Caledonia, Aircraft

Andorra (French), Customs Co-operation Council
France, Europa
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Pintails
Monaco, Oil industry
New Caledonia, Aircraft

France, Red cross
France, Regions

Andorra (French), Europa
France, Information service
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Wildlife
Monaco, Sailing race

France, Tourism
France, Volleyball championships
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Echinoderms

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Starfish
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Wildlife
Monaco, Dog show
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Ville de St. Pierre aircraft

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Darrieus wind generator
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Olympic games

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Flora and fauna
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Piper Aztec

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Amsterdam Island
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Heavier than air flight

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Mackerel icefish
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Amnesty International

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Blenny rockcod

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Lyallia kerguelensis
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Snipefish
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Migratory birds

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Domestic cat
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Scorpion fish


Engraving of St Germain des Prés for "Ceux qui créent les nos timbres, Tome 5"

France, Illustrations for philatelic documents for Red Cross Fund - Celebrities issue

France, Illustration for philatelic document for Rugby issue

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