BIOGRAPHY: John Eissler

John Eissler (1873-1962) was born in Philadelphia in the United States. After having finished his artistic education at the School of Industrial Art in Philadelphia, at the age of 15, he started engraving with Charles H Elliott Co of that same city. In 1900, his decade-long stint at the Philadelphia branch of the ABNC started, and in September 1911 Eissler came to work for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. There, his philatelic career began.

Eissler is especially known for his beautiful portrait engravings. His large work includes a large range of presidential portraits, but his miniature portrait work was even more lauded. The many stamp portraits he mengraved show how gifted his was. Wonderful examples of those are the portraits of Teddy Roosevelt (1922), Woodrow Wilson (1925), and the three naval heroes on the 4c value from the 1936 ‘Army and Navy Heroes’ issue.

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