BIOGRAPHY: Frederick Warner

Frederick Warner was a vignette engraver who worked for Bradbury, Wilkinson. There are only a few stamps which can be attributed to him, among those the 1z value from the 1941 set issued by the Polish exiled government in London. Those were his first (known) stamp engravings.

A few more for New Zealand followed, among which some of the Life insurance lighthouse stamps. The die proof he engraved for 1d value was approved immediately. The 3d die, however, needed a bit of extra work done. The sides of the tower needed to be made more symmetrical and the lantern needed to be placed in the centre of the tower.

Among this small lot, there was only stamp issued in Great Britain, but it is quite the gem: Warner engraved the vignette of the 1966 set marking the 900th anniversary of Westminster Abbey, depicting the fan vaulting in the Henry VII Chapel.

Warner’s work for banknotes could also be seen in Great Britain. He engraved the British Lion on the £5 notes from the 1950s and the Shakespeare Statue on the £20 notes from the 1970s.

Frederick Warner passed away in 1972.

You will find Frederick Warner's database HERE.