BIOGRAPHY: Henry Welde

Henry Welde (1914-1991) studied graphic art at the Norwegian School of Arts and Crafts. In 1939, he found employment at the Security Printing Company of Norges Bank, where he engraved many of Norway’s postwar banknotes.

In 1961, Norges Bank got the contract to recess-print any future Norwegian stamps. Welde became their stamp engraver, together with his former pupil Knut Løkke-Sørensen. The two men created the first Norwegian stamps engraved by Norwegian engravers; the 1962 definitive set with various stylised motifs. Welde engraved the Reef Knot and Wheat & Cod designs. The two men went on to engrave many more stamps in the 1960s. In the 1970s, they were joined by Sverre Morken whom they both trained.

In 1975, Welde’s engraving of a polar bear on a stamp from the set marking the 50th anniversary of the Norwegian administration of Spitzbergen was pronounced ‘Stamp of the Year’.

In 1979, Welde retired. By then, the Norwegian post had already paid homage to his talents several times, by organising exhibitions of his work. His retirement was crowned by receiving the Medal of Merit from the Norwegian King.

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