BOOK: The Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania

It has since disbanded but the Czeslaw Slania Study Group was a major force in the field of Slania collecting for many years. Apart from their newsletters, they published works cataloguing everything by Slania. This continued until after the master's death in 2005, and the publication of today is their 2008 fifth revised edition of The Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania, which may well be their latest edition of this work.

For those who would like to have a complete-as-possible list of Slania items this is really a good book to hunt down. Not only does it list all stamps engraved by Slania (naturally!), it goes on to list his banknotes, his non-postal labels - the boxer labels taking pride of place among them - and his private art.

But it goes on! Phone cards, stamp cards, postal cards, postmarks, bookplates, design sketches; basically anything and everything that is Slania related is to be found in here.

Printed in black and white, these 124 pages are a treasure of information, and it even includes a shortish biography of the man!

The Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania
Fifth revision
Edited by Harold Ashby Short
Czeslaw Slania Study Group, Milwaukee, 2008


  1. Hello Adrian ,
    Beautiful blog and information as usual , i have purchased : Czeslaw Slania: Catalog of Works by Janusz Dunst in 2018 and it serves well for me , but the information and topic I look in to these are stories and more factual information about engraving of that particular stamp by him.Those kind of information would be really nice and provide more vivid description to Slania work collectors.

    1. Hello Som,
      Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Don't expect to find that kind of information (apart from the odd bit) in this book, though. It is more like a catalogue.

  2. Replies
    1. If I remember rightly, I bought it from ebay, so that might be a good start. Or Delcampe, or Abebooks or maybe even Amazon?



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