BIOGRAPHY: Louis Sartain Schofield

Louis Sartain Schofield was born in Paoli, Pennsylvania, in the United States, on 4 August 1868. He came from a family of engravers and was soon studying the art himself. In 1888 he became an apprentice of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), where he would stay for the entirety of his working life. Among his first engravings are the frame of the Franklin definitive design introduced in 1912 and the ‘Automobile Service’ vignette on the 15c parcel post stamp, of that same year.

When Schofield started engraving the 6c value of the 1934 National Parks Year issue, he had been told the stamps would be printed in orange. Knowing the printing colour in advance is vital to an engraver, and the fact that orange was chosen meant that Schofield had to engrave deep lines, otherwise the colour wouldn’t print well. In the final stage, it was suddenly decided to print the stamp in blue, which meant that the merit of the engraving was lost completely, which was a huge disappointment for Schofield, who always took such special pride in his work.

It has been stated that Schofield retired in 1932, but this may well have been 1934, seeing that that was the year these National Parks stamps were issued. Whatever year may be correct, Louis Sartain Schofield passed away soon after, probably in 1938.

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