BIOGRAPHY: Joseph Ives Pease

Joseph Ives Pease was born in Norfolk, VA, in the United States, on 9 August 1809. He initially showed talent as an inventor but in the early 1830s he went to New York City to study drawing at the National Academy of Design. For many years after, Pease engrave portraits for the National Portrait Gallery. In 1858, Pease came to work for the American Bank Note Company.

In 1865, Charles Jeens had submitted essays for the cod and seal definitives for Newfoundland, but eventually it was Joseph Pease who got to engrave the stamps.

The 1870 ‘busts’ definitives of the United States included a portrait of Franklin engraved by Pease. He had probably started work on a portrait in September 1869, but his first engraving was of a bust facing right. It was trialled with various frames but then Pease was asked to engrave another portrait, this time facing left. That portrait was eventually used on the 1c value.

Joseph Pease passed away on 2 July 1883.

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