BIOGRAPHY: Agnes Miski

Agnes Miski was one of three engravers trained at a unique project set up by the Swedish Post and the printers Tumba Bruk. In the late 1970s, an intensive training course was set up for eleven pupils, so as to create a pool of experienced and talented designers and engravers, who could work on the country’s future stamps and banknotes. In the end, Miski would only create banknote engravings for Sweden, and no stamps.

In fact, she only engraved a single stamp ever: for a 1993 issue of St Pierre et Miquelon, depicting the Prefect’s Residence. 

More interestingly, she also engraved a number of stamp images for French philatelic documents. These were for stamp issues which were not printed in recess and for which, therefore, an engraved version had to be made for those documents. She created those for the 1995 Audubon Birds set and the 1997 Crime Novel Heroes set, plus two Red Cross Christmas stamps.

Miski has her own studio, works freelance and has engraved many a banknote for various countries.

You will find Agnes Miski's database HERE.