BIOGRAPHY: Charles Schlecht

Charles Schlecht was born in Stuttgart, Germany, on 11 June 1843. At the age of nine, he went to the United States with his family. As a child, Charles already demonstrated the ability to draw and his parents were keen to support him in that, so he could develop this talent.

In 1859, Schlecht entered the ABNC, which had been founded barely a year before, an apprentice, with the idea of becoming a designer. But when he found out about the work the engravers did, he changed his mind. He was thoroughly captivated by the art of engraving and started to train as one himself. Charles Burt and Alfred Jones were his teachers, so it was no wonder that in time Schlecht would become one of the most talented engravers ever to have been at the ABNC.

In 1893, Schlecht was hired by the BEP where he stayed for about ten years. But he later returned to the ABNC.

Schlecht mainly engraved banknotes, but there are a number of Chilean stamp issues which have been attributed to him.

Charles Schlecht passed away on 17 October 1932.

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