BIOGRAPHY: André Lavergne

André Lavergne was born in the French department of Aveyron, in 1946. He went to Paris to work for the PTT after his success in a technical drawing contest of telephone networks. His artistic talents were noticed and he was asked to join the Postal Museum. At the same time, Lavergne started attending evening classes at the Arts Academy of Paris where he studies painting and engraving.

Lavergne designed and engraved his first postage stamps for Africa, from 1979, and for the French Southern and Antarctic territories. In 1981, he engraved his first stamp for France, commemorating the Martyrs of Chateaubriand.

Lavergne won the Cérès prize twice: the first time in 2002 for his French stamp depicting Marseille, and in 2003 for his French stamp depicting Arras.

You will find André Lavergne's database HERE.