BIOGRAPHY: Przemyslaw Krajewski

Przemyslaw Krajewski started working for the Polish printer PWPW in 1993, engraving stamps and bank notes. His virtuoso and flamboyant style is best expressed in the engravings for the Polish Rulers series.

Krajewski was one of the five engravers who worked on the Belgian sheet of 2014 celebrating the Grand Place in Antwerp. The idea behind this international collaboration was that the sheet should also become a showcase of engraving techniques. Krajewski’s stamp, the one in the top centre of the sheet, depicting the Notre Dame Cathedral, for example, was engraved in what is described as a photo-realistic style. This means that the stamp, when not studying to closely, resembles an actual photograph, a result achieved by engraving everything the eye notices, up to the smallest detail.

Both in 2010 and in 2016 did Krajewski win the award 'Best Combination Stamp', as decided on by the Government Postage Stamp Printers' Association. This category is for engraved stamps which are printed in combination with another printing process. In 2010, he won it for his Warsaw Rebuilt issue, and in 2016 for his Historic Organ issue of 2015.

You will find Przemyslaw Krajewski's database HERE.