BIOGRAPHY: Enrique Paniagua Martínez

Enrique Paniagua Martínez was born in Ciempozuelos, Madrid in 1940. He studied at the National School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid. He also enrolled in the apprentice class of the engraving department of the FNMT-RCM in Madrid. And he studied at the National School of Graphic Arts in Madrid.

In 1966, he became employed by the FNMT-RCM, where he worked himself up through the years to position of artistic engraver.

Paniagua’s first known stamp dates from 1975, when he engraved the 4p value from the annual Tourism set, depicting the Alhambra Archway in Granada.

In 2003, Paniagua retired from his position at the FNMT.

You will find Enrique Paniagua Martínez's database HERE.