BIOGRAPHY: Edward Hall

Edward McClellan Hall was born in Beltsville, MD on 16 September 1862.

In 1878/9, Hall started working for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).

In 1918, Hall engraved the frame of the US airmail stamps, with the Jenny on its vignette. The official die production records of the BEP show that on 4 May 1918, Hall spent 6 hours and 15 minutes on the frame of the 24c stamp, on die 663. Subsequently he would work as further 2 hours and 15 minutes on die 664, which included the vignette. 

Hall never received any official credit for his work, and the official records even include the annotation 'No credit'. It is thought he may initially only have been involved to prepare the soft-metal die for Edward Weeks who was to engrave the frame. It is now thought likely that he actually started engraving the frame, based on a drawing by the designer Huston, with Weeks engraving the lion part of it.  

Edward Hall passed away on 23 December 1939. He was still employed by the BEP, having received a lifetime exemption from compulsory retirement at 70.

You can find Edward Hall's database HERE.