BIOGRAPHY: William Hartwick Maple

William Hartwick Maple started working for the ABNC on 22 January 1906. He was a letter and ornamental frame engraver, whose work may be found on stamps from many countries.

You will find William Hartwick Maple's database HERE


  1. Hi Adrian, did not get anything but the intro paragraph.. did I miss something...??? I would be interested in reading more, especially about the Salvador stamps.. really stunning stamp Best wishes Michael

    1. Hi Michael,
      No, you did not miss anything, this was just all I could find at the moment on Master Maple in my 'filing cabinet'. I may well find out more at a later stage, and I will then of course add stuff. But as it was such a short one, I sneaked it in on a Friday, rather than giving it the full status of a Saturday posting.


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