BIOGRAPHY: André Frères

André Frères was born in Paris, France in 1902. His father was also an engraver, who, according to the family legend, was given the honour to engrave the final bolt to go into the Eiffel Tower.

At the age of 24, Frères entered the Atelier du Timbre. At that time, the Atelier was mainly occupied with retouching the engravings of famous artists. Frères learnt wood engraving first but soon turned to copper and steel.

Frères' first engraved stamp dates from 1951, when he engraved the 'Camel breeding' design for the definitives issued in Fezzan. However, steel engravings exist by Frères of the Marianne de Gandon design of 1945. These unfinished engravings were never adopted and the bulk of the set was printed by letterpress with the few recess-printed values issued engraved by Pierre Gandon himself.

In 1954, he engraved a test stamp for France, for the Chambon printing press. The stamp, designed by Pierre Gandon, comprises a portrait of Bernard Palissy. It exists in several formats, with or without engraved side panels. It would remain in use until 1973.

In 1966, Frères left the Atelier du Timbre. His final engraved stamp dates from 1970, when he engraved a single stamp for the first instalment  of the 'Locomotives of Congo Railways' series issued in Congo.

André Frères passed away in 1977.

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