BIOGRAPHY: Gabriel Antoine Barlangue

Gabriel Antoine Barlangue was born in Villeneuve sur Lot, France, on 24 February 1874.

Gabriel studied at the Schools of Fine Art in Toulouse and from 1883 in Paris. His masters were Jean-Paul Laurens and Benjamin Constant. At the same time he took engraving lessons, with Jean Patricot, Henri-Emile Lefort and especially with that other stamp engraver, Antonin Delzers.

His private art focused on many themes: landscapes, portraits, and scenes of everyday life or of a religious nature. He painted, designed and engraved.

Gabriel’s friend Antonin Delzers introduced him to the world of postal engravings and the various competitions held.

In 1928, Gabriel realised his first stamp, that of Joan of Arc, which would be engraved by Abel Mignon and printed in typo when issued in 1929.

From 1937 on, he would design and/or engrave around 150 stamps for both France and her territories.

Gabriel was a member of the Salon of French Artists and was made an Officer of the Legion of Honour.

Gabriel passed away in Charenton le Pont on 7 April 1956.

You will find Gabriel Antoine Barlangue's database HERE.