CHAT: Just a bit of fun...The Result

Cor blimey, that's gonna be a one off! No-one has taken up the challenge of putting names to the signatures. I know that many of you have seen the post so I'm gonna give you the answers anyway.

This was the actual card:

Most of the signatures appear on the engravings you get when you're a member of the Art du Timbre Gravé (which of course you all should be!). These are the ones I could find out:

4) Guy Vigoureux

6) Christian Broutin
7) Jacky Larrivière

8) Louis Arquer

9) Cyril de la Patelliere

10) Gilles Bosquet

11) Claude Perchat

12) Cécile Millet

I presume the Claude will have been Claude Andreotto.

And as you can see, signatures nos 2 and 5 are still a mystery to me! Maybe one day someone will enlighten me?!