QUESTION: Another whodunit

A fortnight ago I asked you my first of probably many Whodunits. This time I have a new one for you. It may be a bit easier because the exact item is known, the printer is known, the year of printing is known and I even have a probable signature of the engraver for you. So here it is:

Gorgeous isn't it?! As you can see, we're not talking stamps here, but cinderella. This is a label produced for Lloyds Bank Limited, for the 1924 British Empire Exhibition held in London. It was part of a display of Exhibition Items shown at my local club the other month and it's probably rather rare. Which doesn't make it less intriguing, of course!

So we have the item, we have the year and I know for certain it was engraved and printed by Bradbury Wilkinson. But that's where it stops. However, it looks like we have one (or maybe even two?) signature, which may well be of the engraver, though it could of course also be from the designer, or the approver.

Thinking the initials may well be LCB, I immediately thought of Chris Broadbridge. He was BW, so I got that bit right, but then he only started in 1964 so that's no good at all. So I gave up...

Can any of you help me out at all? Hope so!