BIOGRAPHY: Mario Baiardi

Mario Baiardi, an engraver and sculptor, had worked in Italy on various banknotes before he was asked, along with other excellent Italian engravers, such as Pietro Nicastro, to come to the Argentina Mint in 1948. The prime objective was to found a school of engravers, so that the quality of recess-printing could be raised to a high level of excellence.

Baiardi stayed in Argentina for four years. He was then asked to return to Italy, to found a school of engraving over there. During his stay in Argentina, Baiardi was famed for his artistic skills. Using as thin a burin as possible, Baiardi managed to engrave portraits, skin, fabrics so lifelike that it looked like a photograph was taken. Even his colleague Pietro Nicastro, who was so demanding he did not easily find praise for anyone, called Baiardi a phenomenon.


Mario Baiardi's database can be found HERE.