Souvenir postcards from France

When I bought that French book I told you about last time, the seller very kindly included a small 'gift': a set of six postcards. Little did they know that something which they probably couldn't sell at all in France, was received here with utter delight! They are postcards produced by the French Post, as souvenir gifts for their 'réservataires', which I presume to be their standing order customers. The great thing is that they include an extra illustration which (as far as I can determine) are engraved and recess-printed. Here is one by Pierre Albuisson:

The imprinted stamp image is also engraved and recess-printed. Another Albuisson stamp appears on the following card, but the additional illustration was engraved by Claude Andreotto.

The original stamp is set against a solid blue background. So that makes it a tad more interesting. Just as this stamp engraved by Martin Mörck. The original one was printed in blue, so it has changed completely on this particular card.

The engraving of Puss in Boots is by Pierre Forget, and is absolutely stunning. By far my favourite of the whole lot.

Now the last three pose a problem, as the engravings are not signed at all, and as we have seen from the examples above, it is not always the stamp engraver who engraved the extra illustrations. So my question is: do any of you have any information about these cards? If so, help me out please!

This one has a stamp engraving by Yves Beaujard, which is great, because the original stamp was not engraved. But did he do the other beautiful engraving as well?

And then we have this sailing card, with a stamp by Pierre Forget. Again we have an unsigned second illustration.

Finally this Olympic card with a stamp image by Joseph Rajewicz. This, too, was a stamp which was originally not engraved, but did Rajewicz also engrave the torch bearer?

I hope that someone somewhere will read this and know more!



  1. Lovely postcards! I particularly like the Jean-Leon Gerome!



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