More Moreno

Today I'm showing you some more portraits engraved by Jose Moreno Benavente, and how he had to engrave various versions. First up is Arturo Prat, the nineteenth century Chilean lawyer and naval officer. It is as the latter that he was depicted on the 1948 stamp marking the centenary of his birth.

It is actually, compared to Moreno's other stamp portraits, a very well-executed engraving. And the portrait blends in very well with the background illustration as well. Moreno has managed to give the overall engraving a softness which is quite effective, I think.

The same portrait (I don't think there were that many Prat portraits anyway) was engraved by Moreno two more times, both on banknotes. The 1947 series of banknotes includes a Prat portrait on the 100 pesos banknote.

While again very well done, it is a rather dense engraving, though that may be partly due to ink colour and ink density, I suppose. But compare it to the next banknote portait of Prat, which was used for the 1 escudo banknote of the 1962 series:

Here we have a new engraving of the same portrait which once again shows Moreno's ability to create a softness which is very appealing.

As a little encore I will also show you the two versions of a portrait of Cardinal Caro. His birth centenary was also honoured with a stamp issue of two identical values, engraved by Moreno.

The same portrait was included as a large special engraving in the Casa de Moneda's Memoria book of 1974, again engraved by Moreno.

I think I actually quite like the smaller engraving for the stamp, on which the portrait seems to have more depth and detail.

Anyways, I'll be back soon with loads more Moreno items, as soon as they trickle in from Chile!