Moreno's Footballers

I have a lot of smaller projects going on with regard to the engravings of José Moreno Benavente, but none of them have been completed yet so I actually don't have much to show yet. The only complete thing I do have is his 1962 footballers issue, issued to mark the World Cup which was held in Chile that year.

A little while back I was in this slightly frantic mood of wanting to get everything that was newly added to my database so I when I found out about all these Moreno items which weren't in the catalogues and which I could add, I started getting them in, and among those was this footballers set. I would normally never ever go for stamps such as these because, to be honest, I think sports stamps are usualy among the most boring stamps ever to have been issued. But there you go. Suffice to say I'm less frantic now (just a little, mind) and have since stopped adding loads of stamps indiscriminately.

Anyway, there are four stamps in the set but only two designs, of 'footballers and globe' and 'goalkeeper and stadium'. A nice extra to add is this souvenir sheet, which includes the same four stamps but now imperforate and all printed in orange-brown.

I've been gathering information on aforementioned José Moreno Benavente all this week, so he will be the first to feature in this new set-up. Hope it all works out well! And if not, at least it's kept me off the streets...