Vaquer in Bulgaria

I'm in the happy position that because of my work I receive most of the world's stamp auction catalogues, and whilst that sometimes means too much temptation, it often means new information coming to light! Although I will admit that the latter often leads to the former.

And so I was rather pleased when the van stopped at my door to deliver 16+ kilos of Corinphila Auctions catalogues. And especially when I came to the Bulgaria section of the general auction. It included a number of die proofs with named engravers!

I immediately checked them against my own data and was first of all chuffed to find the engraver for some of the values of the 1911 set, but when I looked a bit closer and more composed, I saw it was a die proof for the re-engraved set from 1915. Still fine of course, but the name mentioned, E. Petiti, is that of the printing works rather than that of the actual engraver, so that was in the end no good to me at all.

But I had more luck with the following two die proofs, for they are both said to be by the Spanish engraver E. Vaquer, with one of them being signed by him as well.

The first one is a die proof of the head used for the King Boris III definitive stamp, which forms part of the 1921-23 definitive set. The portrait is used on the 25st, the two 1l values, and the 10l.

Image courtesy of Corinphila Auctions
The second and signed die proof is that of the portrait of James D. Bourchier, which is used on the 1921 commemorative issue. This particular portrait can be found on three stamps: the 30st, 50st and 1l.

Image courtesy of Corinphila Auctions
I'm afraid that so far I only have a scruffy copy of one of those, which I'll show here anyway.

The auction will be held on May 26-29, 2015, and you can find all the information on the website of the auction house which you'll find here. I'll update this post after the auction to include the realised prices, if they get sold of course.

Now all I have to do is convince myself I really need to place a bid or two....



The King Boris II die proof sold for CHF150.
The Bourchier die proof did not sell.