Gandon's Place de Furstenberg

It's high time I showed you my final volume of the Ceux qui créent nos timbres series: volume II.

It includes an engraving by Pierre Gandon of the Place de Furstenberg. It is one of the most famous squares in Paris, known for its romantic atmosphere, especially in Springtime, with its four, beautifully flowering paulownia trees and its single, five-globe street lantern. Makes me want to go there immediately!

As I have said before, there are, as far as I'm aware, five volumes in this series. The only ones I'm missing are volumes III and V, but after John from Australia recently very kindly alerted me to a volume III for sale, I nearly jumped until I saw that the engraving included with volume III isn't an engraving at all, but an etching.

Now I don't pretend to be so high-browed that I would be able to spot the difference whilst looking at the end result, but if I know something not to be an engraving, I won't go for it. So that's one less volume to opt for. If only I could now see the cover of that mysterious Volume V, I could make a similar decision on that volume too!


UPDATE: I've just got an email from Glenn from England with an image of the cover of that mysterious volume V and it most definitely includes a 'proper' engraving, by Jacques Combet, so this volume will stay on my want list.


  1. Been waiting to see inside this volume, and it was worth the wait! The Gandon engraving is gorgeous. Wouldn't mind visiting that spot myself!



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