Another Penny Black

Last time 'round, when I uploaded the biography of Jacky Larrivière, I showed a Monaco stamp which had the engraver taking on the Penny Black, and with fine result I may add.

Of course Larrivière was not the only one trying their hand at this famous stamp, and so today I present to you the Penny Black as done by the Dutch engraver Inge Madlé.

It was, as you can see, issued by the Isle of Man, also as part of the 1990 celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of the stamp. Again, it is a lovely engraving, I think.

Madlé has engraved another famous Victorian stamp: the Blue Mauritius, when the Dutch postal museum bought one of the very few copies around. It apperared on a 1995 stamp.

Have I wetted your appetite enough? If so, then why not check out her biography, which I've just uploaded. I had the pleasure of 'email interviewing' the engraver a couple of years ago and you can read the results by clicking HERE.

See yous later