British Philatelic Exhibition souvenir sheets

At the end of June I showed you some British stamp reproductions, including a few British Philatelic Exhibition (BPE) souvenir sheets. I remarked that I had them in various colours and was wondering how many there would be in total.

Well, Glenn has since been in touch and told me about this British Stamp Exhibitions catalogue he had co-produced, which would include all the information I was looking for. So I got myself a copy and started hunting for more items!

Turns out that there were three sheetlets of this kind issued, in 1973 (Seahorse), 1975 (Empire Exhibition) and 1979 (PUC congress), all using engravings by JAC Harrison. All three were produced in two colours: a regular colour, which was made available at the exhibitions, and a second colour for presentation copies. The latter of course being the more unusual because they were printed in limited quantities.

I've been rather successful (again with the aid of Glenn) in tracking them all down, so I'm able to show you them all here in this post.

Presentation copy
Of course there are more items to collect, such as press sheets, specimen copies and even forgeries, but I'm just content with the two colours of each sheetlet.

Presentation copy
If you're interested in these type of souvenir sheets I can heartily recommend the catalogue. It's brimful of information, lavishly illustrated and basically contains all information regarding British stamp exhibitions souvenir sheets and booklets from 1890 to this century. The catalogue is on CD and you can find out more about it, including how to order it, HERE.

Presentation copy
I was surprised to find so many items which I already have in my collection but also some lovely items, especially by Czeslaw Slania, which I still have to track down. If and when I do, I'll show those here as well.