Moreno's Footballers

I have a lot of smaller projects going on with regard to the engravings of José Moreno Benavente, but none of them have been completed yet so I actually don't have much to show yet. The only complete thing I do have is his 1962 footballers issue, issued to mark the World Cup which was held in Chile that year.

A little while back I was in this slightly frantic mood of wanting to get everything that was newly added to my database so I when I found out about all these Moreno items which weren't in the catalogues and which I could add, I started getting them in, and among those was this footballers set. I would normally never ever go for stamps such as these because, to be honest, I think sports stamps are usualy among the most boring stamps ever to have been issued. But there you go. Suffice to say I'm less frantic now (just a little, mind) and have since stopped adding loads of stamps indiscriminately.

Anyway, there are four stamps in the set but only two designs, of 'footballers and globe' and 'goalkeeper and stadium'. A nice extra to add is this souvenir sheet, which includes the same four stamps but now imperforate and all printed in orange-brown.

Changing the subject slightly: I think I've found the formula for this site. My idea is to have three separate entries for the engravers: the database, the gallery and biographical information. And then there will still be the 'chats' of course. I believe the recently introduced galleries are quite successful as they tend to show up in the 'popular posts' on the right quite often. By including links to the other main entries you will always be able to find info, images and lists of your favourite engravers without any hassle.

I've been gathering information on aforementioned José Moreno Benavente all this week, so he will be the first to feature in this new set-up. Hope it all works out well! And if not, at least it's kept me off the streets...