Of Béquet and Baril

I'd had it on my book shelves for some time now but last night I finally took it down and had a good browse through Pierre Béquet's Artiste graveur en taille-douce. My initial reaction, to be very honest, was one of slight disappointment because, even though it is full of illustrations of the man's engravings, the book itself is not printed in recess, which would have been top-notch.

But it is a great book to have, nevertheless. And it's not actually a book. It's a collection of luxuriously printed folders which together lead you through Béquet's trials and tribulations as an artist, his inspirations and his quest for themes. And there's loads on stamps, which helps as well. So much so that I'm planning to collect the stamps he's used in his book as I presume these will have been his favourites. So expect those to feature in future chats!

Other than that I've just found out that the perched eagle engraving by Yves Baril exists in at least six colours! I only have the black one so they're coming back on my want list. I've found a little note on them which I'll reproduce here rather than typing what it says, as I'm feeling slightly lazy.


See yous later