I've written about Georg Wimmer's proofs before, the result of which you can find here and here. Most of them are composers engravings and Kennedy proofs, but the latter aren't engraved so we can forget about those.

Last time 'round I was still wondering whether Wimmer's Scouting essays were also engraved or not. I'm glad to say that I've since been told that they are, so I immediately went on the hunt and got me a few items.

Actually, I only found the one but when I managed to secure that item, the vendor sent me an email saying they had two more items which they were about to put up for sale and would I be interested in those as well? Needless to say I was, especially because the price was tempting and the three items together would make a lovely display page.

So here they all are. I think it's quite a good, clean design. Apparently, they date from around 1960 and were supposed to be essays for a future Austrian scouting issue. But, as with the composers engravings, I would like to have that corroborated before I take that as definite.

But anyway, I'm chuffed to bits, so if you'll excuse, I'll go and make that page now rightaway.